MCU: the happiest (and saddest) scene of every avenger

For the original six Avengers, they had a solid time as a team throughout the years and the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. During that period of time that they all spent together, much of their lives was shown on screen, including all the zeniths and nadirs.

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In the MCU, the Avengers were never afraid to embrace their deepest emotions. Happiness and sadness exist in tandem for the original six and while there were plenty of moments for superheroes to smile, there were also tons that were met with tears and hesitation.

12 Clint Barton – Happier: The Birth of Nathaniel

Despite all the suggestive evidence in Avengers: Age of UltronHawkeye ended up surviving the movie. When it seemed like he would lay down his life for a little boy, it was Quicksilver who sacrificed his life for the sniper.

This prompted Clint to return home happily to hug and love his family. Soon after, Nathaniel, the newest member of the Bartons, was born. With Clint in pseudo-retirement at the time, he was living his best life.

eleven Clint Barton – Saddest: Losing His Family

That perfect family scene was squashed at the beginning of Avengers Endgame when each and every member of Clint’s family was lost in the wake of Thanos’ snap. In heartbreaking fashion, Clint ran across his farm, unsure and scared as they disappeared.

This led to a deep depression for Clint. Wanderer to vigilante status after this, Clint was certainly at his lowest ebb when he lost his family. There is only heartbreak when Natasha recovers it from her latest spree.

10 Natasha Romanoff – Happier: Surviving New York

Black Widow during the invasion of New York in Avengers.

Speaking of characters who were doing well after avoiding the possible cataclysm of an Avengers battle, Natasha seemed to be happier when she had won. However, not only the Battle of New York, but he also earned his spot on a team.

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On Endgame, she’s scarred by loss and then Ultron, she’s not sure where Bruce went. But after the first AvengersNatasha had a solid foundation, a leadership position, and the well-being of her best friend. She was in a good place in that final scene of the movie.

9 Natasha Romanoff – Sadder: Vormir

Obviously the saddest scene for Natasha comes in Vormir. After Red Skull told her and Clint that they had to lose what they loved the most to get the Soul Stone, she sacrificed herself for the “whatever it takes” quest.

For Natasha, it was a noble and heroic move and what really wanted to do. But it’s hard not to feel the tears flow when she falls and dies. Thankfully, Black widow showed that he was able to reunite with his family before his death.

8 Bruce Banner – Happiest: Smart Hulk

Hulk in a restaurant in Avengers: Endgame

While everyone lost after EndgameBruce Banner could be a character who won something. Yes, he was also recovering from his failure and the “death” of some of his friends, but he never seemed more at peace than at the Endgame dinner scene.

Fully embracing both halves of himself, Bruce was in a much more harmonious state of being. He was happy to be able to wear a cardigan and go out in public without fear for what the Hulk would do in the communities.

7 Bruce Banner – Saddest: Awakened in Sakaar

On Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk has many of the funniest scenes. However, there is never a sense of true joy and happiness neither from him nor from Bruce. Instead, it is more like repression and settlement.

This is evidenced by Bruce’s reaction when he backs up on the quinjet and is faced with a video message from Natasha. It’s heartbreaking to watch him struggle to get away from his own humanity in a desperate attempt not to feel sadness or pain.

6 Thor – The Happiest: Officially An Avenger


Lately, there haven’t been many happy moments for the god of thunder. Since then The dark worldIt has been a constant stream of losses. Jane, Odin, Frigga, Heimdall. Even Loki once or twice.

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However, it’s hard to see Thor happier than when he had all those people in his life. Y He had shed the boyish arrogance that had defined him early in his MCU career. Thor’s opening scene in his second film is definitely when he’s happiest and when he’s officially an Avenger (albeit one that operates independently).

5 Thor – Saddest: His Time in New Asgard

However, all of those aforementioned episodes of loss affected Thor. When it appears after the hour, it enters Endgame, has been shown to be depressed and a man who got carried away in New Asgard.

When Bruce and Rocket arrive to convince him to rejoin the team, he is only interested in beer and not redemption. When Thanos’s name is mentioned, he collapses into an emotional mess. It is very sad to see Thor in that state.

4 Steve Rogers – Happier: Meeting Peggy

Steve dancing with Peggy

At the end of Endgame, most of the characters are in a much better position than when they started. Steve Rogers, in particular, has finally achieved the happiness he longed for.

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Steve returns to the time he lost, where he finds his home and finds Peggy. Their reunion, marked by a dance, a song and a kiss, shows a sweet smile on Steve’s face. It is a genuine satisfaction, which is a genuine happiness for Cap.

3 Steve Rogers – Saddest: Meeting Peggy

However, a different meeting with Peggy shows Steve at his lowest ebb. Before Endgame and when he was still a man without time, Cap felt lonely and isolated. He would later learn that Bucky was still kicking, but the first steps of Winter Soldier they are difficult for him.

I mean, when he meets Peggy and finds out that she has Alzheimer’s it’s a really debilitating scene. It’s as sad as watching Steve sigh, shrugging his shoulders, and knowing that he missed that chance at love. Only, Endgame showed that love comes.

two Tony Stark – Happier: Reuniting with Pepper

Pepper uses the Iron Man suit to protect Tony in Iron Man 3

Keeping the reunion train going, the end of iron Man 3 It probably stands out as Tony’s happiest moment. He is a hero with a secure circle of friends and also rekindles his love for Pepper by denouncing his position as Iron Man.

Obviously, this turned out to be temporary. But in that final brilliant moment of iron Man 3It all fell into place for Tony. Romantically, professionally, and morally, it was at its peak.

1 Tony Stark – Saddest: Losing Peter

Peter Parker dies in Tony Stark's arms in Avengers Infinity War

Tony’s next appearance, however, saw him being warped by Wanda into believing that he must never stop trying to prevent an existential threat to humanity. As evidenced by Thanos’s scorched earth affair in Infinity warTony was unsuccessful (temporarily).

This led to the “death” of Peter Parker at the end of the film. It was a moment that weighed heavily on Tony’s conscience and left him devastated as he felt responsible for letting his close mentee die. Watching him snuggle up at the end of the movie is so hard to watch.

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