Monsters at Work pays homage to another Pixar classic

The initiation ceremony in episode 2 of Monsters at Work is reminiscent of a similar scene in another Pixar classic.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Monsters at Work episodes 1 and 2, which are now airing on Disney +.

Disney + Monsters at work expand Pixar world Monsters inc. showing the lives of not just the Monsters, but also the team that keeps the company’s facilities running. Episode 2 of the series is titled “Meet Mift” and focuses on the company’s latest employee, Tylor Tuskman, as he is initiated into the Monsters, Incorporated Facilities team.

Tylor isn’t exactly excited to join MIFT, as he initially came to Monsters, Incorporated to scare. Unfortunately for him, the company has switched to the power of laughter and his fear is no longer really necessary. As such, Tylor reluctantly accepts a job with the facilities team at the end of the first episode while taking lessons from Mike Wazowski on how to make kids laugh.

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Tylor Tuskman going through initiation in the second episode of

“Meet Mift” begins with Tylor walking into the normally bustling MIFT office and finding no one there. He then heads to a back room, where the team is waiting to begin their induction ceremony. After unsuccessfully attempting to tighten a nut, Tylor reluctantly stands on a treadmill in front of “The Door of Eternal Membership”, which has several bright red inflatables around it that the crew call “The Flames of No Return” . “.

This moment recalls a similar scene in the 2003 Pixar movie, Finding Nemo. In that movie, Nemo is forced to cross the “Ring of Fire” (a fish tank volcano that releases bubbles) to be welcomed into the Tank Band. The stage and scene lighting are similar in that it lights up in a predominantly reddish color scheme while others sing for the initiate to cross over. However, despite the visual and tonal similarities, Nemo and Tylor have completely different feelings about their respective initiations.

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While Nemo is scared but determined to break through the Ring of Fire and be welcomed into the Tank Band, Tylor does his best to resist his initiation. He makes it clear several times throughout the first two episodes that he sees MIFT as a temporary position until he manages to become a prankster and resists each time others make statements about it being a commitment from for life. Tylor even tries to run in the opposite direction to escape the approaching Eternal Membership Gate, only for the other monsters to increase the speed of the treadmill.

However, both Tylor and Nemo end up overcoming their respective ceremonies with disappointing results. As Nemo discovers that the Ring of Fire is nothing more than a bunch of bubbles, Tylor is sent through the door just as the power to the entire company is cut off, plunging the room into darkness. In the end, the initiation ceremony in episode 2 of Monsters at work it’s a smart twist on Finding NemoRing of Fire that helps demonstrate the differences in the main characters of the projects: Nemo is willing to overcome his fears to pass the test, while Tylor has a bad attitude and ultimately wants nothing to do with his Teammates.

Starring the voices of Ben Feldman, Mindy Kaling, Henry Winkler, Lucas Neff, Alanna Ubach, John Goodman, and Billy Crystal, the first two episodes of Monsters at Work premiered on July 7 on Disney +, and subsequent episodes debuted each. Wednesday.

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