Netflix and Mark Millar announce upcoming project, King of Spies

Mark Millar and Netflix announce King of Spies, an original spy adventure that will first be adapted into a graphic novel written by Millar.

Kingsman Y Kick ass co-creator Mark Millar has announced his next Netflix project.

Noble King of spies, the story will first be adapted into a graphic novel written by Millar and drawn by an unannounced comic book artist, based on designs created by Millar’s team at Netflix. Along with the details of the project, Millar and Netflix revealed King of spies artwork created by Mark Chiarello and Ozgur Yildirim. “We are very, very excited about this and will release the name of the stellar comic book artist that we have hired a little later,” Millar said.

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Art of the King of Spies

Variant of Mark Millar King of Spies

King of spies will follow Britain’s greatest secret agent, Sir Roland King, as he “faces his deadliest enemy yet: his own mortality. Diagnosed with a brain tumor and six months to live, retired Sir Roland King looks around at the world that has saved so many times and feels like it can’t leave us in such a mess. There is greed and corruption on all levels, untouchable despots who were forbidden to approach, and a system that he simply no longer believes in. He wants to use his time. remaining to make a difference with his particular skill set and repair the damage he did to his private life at the same time. The most dangerous man in the world has gone rebellious and knows where all the bodies are buried. Now is the time to go after the REAL monsters … “

“We have been quietly working on [King of Spies] I’ve been with the company for a couple of years and we’re all excited about it, “said Millar.” The spy world was very good for us with Kingsman and the return to the genre had to be something special. This is that project. I love stories about an old gunman who came back for one last job and this is everyone’s grandfather. It’s incredibly violent and emotional, but also a lot of fun. “

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Millar and Netflix began their series of collaborations in August 2017, when Netflix officially acquired Millar’s company, Millarworld. The couple launched their first television series, Jupiter’s legacy, in May before canceling it four weeks later. At the same time, Netflix announced that it would go ahead with Super thieves, a spinoff television show set in the Jupiter’s legacy universe and based on the comics written by Millar with art by Leinil Francis Yu. Additionally, Millar recently confirmed a Super thieves anime and a series adaptation of him and Oliver Coipel The magic order The comics are in active development.

Source: Netflix / Mark Millar

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