Older Brother: Nicole Franzel Says She Now Knows Her Baby’s Due Date

Big Brother star Nicole Franzel revealed that she now has a due date for the arrival of her baby. Find out what Nicole said about delivering her baby.

Eldest brother Star Nicole Franzel now has an official countdown to her baby’s arrival, making her even more nervous about the due date. Nicole and her husband Victor Arroyo announced in January that they were expecting their first child together. Then, in March, the couple Finally were married in Florida after being forced to postpone their big day numerous times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During Nicole Franzel’s pregnancy, she has been giving fans updates on how she and her baby are doing. In June, she and Victor revealed the name they had chosen for their son. While they plan to continue Victor’s family tradition by naming their son Victor Arroyo IV, the future parents also gave him a nickname. To avoid being called some variation of “little victor“All their lives, Nicole and Victor plan to nickname their son Arrow.

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In her most recent pregnancy update, Nicole revealed that she now has a due date for Arrow. On Sunday, Nicole shared a beautiful photo of her and Victor on Instagram taken from her recent maternity photoshoot. In the post’s title (seen below), Nicole shared that Arrow has, in fact, not yet delivered, which was something she had already revealed during her latest pregnancy update. For that reason, Nicole’s doctors have scheduled her for a cesarean delivery. As such, she and Victor can now have a real countdown to Arrow’s arrival. Nicole admitted that having a fixed date was “frightening“for her. She would rather not know when she was going into labor. Nicole is not yet ready to share her due date with her fans, though.

Legend went on to explain that Nicole had never had surgery before in her life, which is why having a C-section is so much more stressful for her. She said, “I have never had surgery in my life. For which I am so grateful and the idea sends me in a spiral.“Even though her nerves get the better of her, Nicole is”working on hypnosis techniques“To help with this. For now, Nicole plans to continue attending her birthing classes while also working on turning and resting techniques. These are things Nicole has admitted to doing.”in the background for too long. “

Nicole has every intention of continuing to keep fans up to date with her pregnancy journey. However, you usually don’t share information right away. Instead, Nicole usually gives herself some time to process things. Although she is probably more nervous after this unexpected change of plans, Nicole maintains the faith that everything will work out in the end. All she prays for is a healthy baby and good health for her too. While she did not reveal the exact due date, Nicole is expected to have her baby sometime this month.

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