One Piece: All members of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, ranked by Likability

The Straw Hat Grand Fleet is one of the largest and most powerful fleets in the world of One piece. Made up of seven major pirate crews who came to Luffy’s aid during the Dressrosa Arc, each captain of the crew has vowed to serve under the Jolly Roger of the Straw Hat Pirates and dedicate their lives to Luffy.

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While the exact strength of the crew is unknown, there are believed to be at least 5,640 members in the fleet. The Straw Hat Grand Fleet is made up of incredibly strong pirates with personalities that complement Luffy’s, making them perfect for his fleet.

10 Blue Gilly is a member of Ideo Pirates

Blue Gilly defeats Richie

Blue Gilly is a pretty strong pirate who belongs to the Longleg tribe. He was featured in the Dressrosa arc as a fighter at the Corrida Coliseum and fought quite well, showing off his incredible martial arts skills in the process. Eventually, Blue Gilly joined Ideo and became his crewmate. Like Ideo, he is also a member of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet and would come to the aid of the crew whenever needed.

9 Ideo leads the Ideo pirate explosives

Like most fleet captains, Ideo came to fight at the Corrida Coliseum to win the Mera Mera no Mi. Although he was unable to earn the fruit, he put himself in the service of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. Ideo is among the strongest members of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, and this is due to his explosive style of material arts, capable of defeating most enemies in one hit, which makes him very exciting to do. watch. Thanks to his strength, Ideo has been appointed captain of the fourth ship of the Grand Fleet.

8 Orlumbus commands most of the soldiers

Orlumbus, also known as the “Ruler of Massacre”, is the admiral of the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet. He was quite the important character during the Dressrosa arc and joined Luffy at the end. Due to his incredible strength, Orlumbus became the captain of the seventh ship of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Of all the members of the Grand Fleet, he commands the largest group with 4,300 soldiers. He also formed a decent relationship with Roronoa Zoro during the arc.

7 Hajrudin has the strength of a giant

The captain of the New Giant Warrior Pirates, Hajrudin is a tremendously powerful figure whose strength comes from his Giant race. Like all the other members of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, he helped the Straw Hat Pirates defeat Donquixote Doflamingo in the Dressrosa arc.

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At the end of the arc, Hajrudin declared his allegiance to Luffy and became the captain of the sixth ship of the Straw Hat Great Fleet. As a warrior of Elbaf, Hajrudin is very proud and would lay down his life for his saviors if necessary.

6 The “warrior” Leo leads the pirates of Tontatta

Leo is the strongest member of the Tontatta tribe and one of the most useful in the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. He leads the fifth ship in the fleet and his Tontatta Pirates follow him. Leo is extremely fast and can sew anyone with the power of Nui Nui no Mi. Despite being very small in size, Leo possesses tremendous strength, as seen throughout the Dressrosa arc. Perhaps his greatest quality is his kind and trusting nature. Leo’s unshakable faith in Luffy and Usopp makes him one of the group’s favorites.

5 Baby 5 left the Donquixote pirates with Sai

Baby 5, one of the executives of the Donquixote Pirates, ended up marrying Don Sai after she fell in love with him during the Dressrosa arc. Since Sai is leading the Happo Army right now and is in league with the Straw Hat Pirates, Baby 5, by extension, is also part of the Grand Fleet. He possesses the power of the Buki Buki no Mi that allows him to turn any part of his body into any weapon of his liking. Baby 5 goes out of her way to help anyone, which makes her a lovable character. What’s more, he almost gave up his own life just to bring Sai happiness, which shows just how big his heart is.

4 Don Chinjao is a member of the Happo Navy

The former leader of the Happo Army, Chinjao is a legendary fighter who once fought Garp in battle. Though old and far from his prime, Chinjao remains a skilled Hasshoken user to this day and also wields all three types of Haki.

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He may no longer lead the Happo Army, but he is still a part of it, making him part of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet as well. Being a legend from the ancient era, Chinjao commands respect, and fans hold him in high regard for that.

3 Don Sai is the current leader of the Happo Navy

Don Sai is the successor to Don Chinjao and the thirteenth leader of the Happo Armada. Like his father, he is incredibly skilled in Hasshoken ways and also wields Haki. But unlike his father, he now only has access to two types of Haki. Sai’s strength is such that he was able to defeat Lao G with a single kick known as the Drill Dragon Nail. Without a doubt, his strength, courage and love for Baby 5 make him one of the favorites of the Straw Hat Great Fleet.

two Cavendish is the leader of the beautiful pirates

One of the strongest pirates in the New World, Cavendish leads the Beautiful Pirates. Initially, he intended to take Luffy’s head, but after being saved by him during the Dressrosa arc, Cavendish became his follower. With a bounty of 330 million berries and the ability to use both Weaponry and Haki Observation, it’s no wonder Cavendish is the strongest of the Grand Fleet members. He even has a split personality, known as Hakuba, which kicks in every time he goes to sleep and this greatly increases his strength. All of that has made him quite an exciting character and a fan favorite.

1 Bartolomeo leads the famous Barto club

Also known as the Cannibal, Bartolomeo is the leader of the Barto Club. After being hypnotized by Luffy in Logue Town, Bartolomeo became a huge fan of Luffy and started his own pirate crew. Bartolomeo is also tremendously powerful and wields the power of the Devil Fruit of Bari Bari no Mi that allows him to create barriers at will. He came to Luffy’s aid numerous times during the Dressrosa arc and would give his life for him without hesitation. Bartolomeo’s loyalty to Luffy makes him the most likable member of the Grand Fleet.

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