One Tree Hill: All of Brooke Davis’s Love Interests, Ranked

Brooke Davis from Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill has become an iconic teen drama character that people still look up to even years after the show ended. Beginning the show as a high school cheerleader and ending it as a business owner and mother of two, Brooke had a long journey over nine seasons of the show, where she matured into a happy, self-sufficient woman.

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In addition to personal growth and career changes, Brooke went through many challenges when it comes to romantic relationships. Immediately, she was in the middle of Peyton and Lucas’s great love triangle and searched long and hard for her true love. Along the way, he had a few contenders, but only one person lived up to his expectations of what love should and could be.

9 Nick Chavez

Brooke kissing one of her teachers, Nick Chavez

During a time when Brooke was making unfavorable decisions, she allowed Rachel to take her into the online dating scene, where she met and hooked up with Nick Chavez. The only downside was that it turned out to be her English teacher and she was lying about her true age.

Even though what they were doing was incredibly wrong, they secretly followed the relationship. Rachel eventually goes behind her friend’s back in an attempt to end the relationship, which she knows is wrong and can only end badly. Later, Brooke discovers that Nick is cheating on her and Rachel comforts her. While the relationship with Nick was never solid, it allowed the bond between Rachel and Brooke to grow.

8 Nathan scott

Brooke and Nathan in a flashback

Brooke and Nathan’s adventure is only shown through flashbacks, depicting a time when Brooke and Peyton were at odds and Nathan and Peyton, romantically involved, were not getting along.

Not only did the two of them not have any chemistry, but the existence of their sexual date made their characters seem evil and cruel. Her betrayal of Peyton was unwarranted and a bit unreal, especially for Brooke, who, despite her flaws, would never stoop so low as to sleep with her boyfriend.

7 Chris keller

Brooke and Chris Keller in bed together

Similar to Brooke’s involvement with Nathan, her relationship with musician Chris Keller was somewhat unique. After drunkenly bonding with him, the two slept together, making a decision that Brooke later regretted.

During the time of their affair, Brooke and Chris Keller were in difficult intermediate phases of their romantic relationships and were seeking solace in the arms of another person. Unfortunately for Brooke, Chris wasn’t the guy she wanted, Lucas was, and she left the situation unfilled and disappointed in herself.

6 Felix taggaro

Felix and Brooke in One Tree Hill season 2

After her first breakup with Lucas, Brooke fell in love with her annoying next-door neighbor, Felix Taggaro. They had a story arc from enemies to lovers, which even resulted in being exclusively friends with benefits for some time. However, they both developed feelings for each other and decided to try a real relationship.

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Despite Felix’s weakness for Brooke, he was really mean to everyone else, even his own sister, Anna. Even though they grew fond of each other, Brooke couldn’t bear Felix’s treatment of Peyton once she found out that Anna kissed her, and she quickly ended their relationship.

5 Nick lachey

Brooke dancing with Nick Lachey at a wedding

One Tree Hill had many random celebrity cameos in which they played themselves and chased characters on the show (like Pete Wentz in season 3). Nick Lachey appeared in season 6 as Brooke’s former romantic partner during her time as a designer in New York.

In an attempt to make Julian jealous, the man she’s really looking for, she takes Nick as her date for Peyton and Lucas’s wedding. Nick is a soldier for agreeing to Brooke’s plan, but then he tells her that he knows who he really wants to be with. The couple isn’t entirely horrible, but it feels random and forced compared to Brooke’s other love interests.

4 Owen morello

Brooke and Owen standing at home.

Owen was Brooke’s first real relationship after the time jump. The two made a beautiful couple in season 5, and he was seen helping Brooke help Rachel get help while fighting.

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Owen and Brooke were a good match and a fun relationship for Brooke Davis, in her twenties, yet she wanted to be a mother as soon as possible and he was nowhere near ready for that. They separated, but he eventually wanted her back despite his dreams of being parents. They broke up forever after he slept with his friend, Millie, but the romance served as a good springboard in the relationship.

3 Chase adams

Brooke and Chase at the grown-up party

Brooke and Chase developed a sweet relationship when he came to Tree Hill High School during his senior year. Chase was a member of the ‘Clean Teens’, a group of boys who abstain from sex. Brooke and Rachel later joined the group, where Brooke’s crush on Chase developed and a relationship blossomed.

Chase brought out a softer side of Brooke, as she couldn’t use her usual sultry charm on him. Chase ended up losing his virginity to her at the end of his senior year and they separated after graduation. Brooke and Chase remained friends over the years, and she supported him in his other relationships and even tried to set him up with Peyton at one point.

two Lucas Scott

Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott together

Since Season 1, fans have been divided on whether or not it should be Team Brucas (Brooke and Lucas) or Team Leyton (Lucas and Peyton). Despite the soulmate connection between Lucas and Peyton, Brooke’s love for Scott’s older brother made their relationship run for her money, and they might have worked if he hadn’t broken her heart so many times.

Brooke and Lucas made a great couple and allowed her to truly love someone other than herself as a teenager. It also made her realize that she deserved better than him, as he would always be pining for her best friend. In some alternate reality where Peyton ends up with Jake, maybe Brooke and Lucas make it work too.

1 Julian Baker

Brooke and Julian revisit Tree Hill High

Julian Baker first appeared in season 6 as Peyton’s ex-boyfriend in Los Angeles. He came to Tree Hill to turn Lucas’s novel into a movie and ended up falling madly in love with Brooke Davis.

Although initially skeptical and unable to fully open up to him, Brooke eventually fell in love with Julian. They had their problems (Alex Dupre, for example) but, at the end of the day, they always ended up choosing each other. Julian was a perfect partner for Brooke because he was able to see everything she had to offer and always chose her and her family first.

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