Rare resident, detective, and most recently a published writer: Forsythe Pendleton “Jughead” Jones III wears many hats on Riverdale, in addition to his ubiquitous hat. He’s had a rough ride in the show, starting with homelessness and a shady father. He found a place for himself in the world once the south side serpents adopted him as their own and gained much recognition for his writing skills, but the sinister city always came back for Jughead.

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His appearance definitely evolved from his sad and helpless days of season 1 to a more confident and edgy aesthetic from season 2 onwards. He had his moments with Gryphons and Gargoyles and Stonewall Prep, which have resulted (for now) in his more adult appearance.

10 Season 1

Jughead Riverdale Season 1 Split Image

The introduction to Jughead’s television avatar in RiverdaleThe first season was quite well received. This Jughead was haunted, sweet, had a penchant for writing only in cafes, and was loved by fans. The iconic crown from the comics was tailored into a beanie and fitted well with young Jug’s dark, wavy locks.

Their looks included mainly sherpa jackets in denim, plaid and neutral colors, with jeans and boots, or hooded sweatshirts with plaid shirts. His dark wardrobe reflected his mood. He was younger and looked like an innocent young man going through a difficult time.

9 Season 1

Jughead Riverdale Season 1 Split Image

Jughead walked away from his jeans and a jacket uniform multiple times this season, but not too much. His suit and tie still stick to the darker palettes he usually sported, and he kept it real with his beanie.

The showrunners also paid tribute to the Archie Comics in Jughead’s dream sequence, where he reflects on what the perfect life is and if it is a cartoon of the American dream. He donned a full vintage outfit, complete with the blue turtleneck and royal paper crown.

8 Season 2

Jughead Riverdale Season 2 Split Image

In one of the last scenes at the end of the first season, Jughead surprised everyone by accepting the offer to be a part of the Southside Serpents, much to everyone’s surprise. As he shrugged into the dirty leather jacket, it was the beginning of the biggest change in Jughead’s physical appearance and also in his attitude.

Jughead practically stuck to his beloved Serpents jacket, with a plaid shirt or the “S” shirt. Many mistakenly believe that it means “Southside”, but the “S” is a direct inspiration from the comics, where Jug used it often, and stands for “Squirrel Hill Independent Tigers”.

7 Season 2

Jughead Riverdale Season 2 Split Image

Along with his rough leather and denim look, the Serpent leader had a few more up his sleeve. As his role in the community became, he gained more self-confidence, which also changed his body language. His physique also became more robust, which could be seen when he wore a vest.

This season also marked the first time he donned a chef’s uniform at Pop’s when the gang was fundraising for their favorite smoothie spot, but it wasn’t the last time.

6 Season 3

Jughead Riverdale Season 3 Split Image

Experimenting wasn’t Jughead’s cup of tea, but something about Gryphons & Gargoyles really tickled his curiosity, so much so that he wore elaborate medieval-themed clothing to a school dance.

He also wore a plaid sherpa jacket similar to the one he wore in season 1, which was a good memory for the most innocent boy he was back then. Jughead’s formal wear was probably the best of all the guys on the show – he wore a beautifully tailored suit in the season three finale during Penelope’s twisted steeplechase.

5 Season 3

Jughead Riverdale Season 3 Split Image

Season 3 was a summer season in Riverdale. All the main characters shed their extra capes and so did Jughead. Her favorite “S” shirts were in all their glory, in different color combinations, and her hair was cut a little closer to her head.

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The cap, however, remained on Jug’s mane like a crown, no matter the weather, even when he embarked with Archie on a journey to escape the city.

4 Season 4

Jughead Riverdale Season 4 Split Image

Jughead’s talent landed him a spot at the prestigious Stonewall Prep, where his writing was supposed to be honed and elaborate, but the teenage detective found himself in a den of mysteries, as usual. His transfer from Riverdale High to the new school meant wearing a uniform, which he did for half of his screen time.

The jacket, tie, and shirt ensemble actually looked great with his hat, and while his wealthier peers didn’t treat him well at school, he looked really good.

3 Season 4

Jughead Riverdale Season 4 Split Image

Another signature outfit for Jughead was his shirt, suspenders, and pants look, which he wore multiple times in season 4. It was a sign of his mature taste that he wasn’t just seen in hoodies and jeans, and maybe even a warmer outfit.

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Overall, Jughead transformed into a more stylish version of himself in season 4 and experimented well with newer looks, which fans loved immensely.

two Season 5

Jughead Riverdale Season 5 Split Image

The last season of Riverdale He showed two Jugheads, one on graduation day and another seven years later. Young Pendleton went to prom with his beloved, Betty, in an elegant suit and a slim tie, while the latter was a jaded and unhappy writer who dealt with his mental wounds with drinks and drugs.

The older Jughead gave up his hat, for obvious reasons, and wore stereotypical “ruined writer” clothing – this wrinkled nightgown is a good example.

1 Season 5

Jughead Riverdale Season 5 Split Image

A notable addition to the Jughead of the future is his glasses, which are the result of hours of screen time of writing his novel, presumably. He looks disheveled and sports a stubble with some signs of aging. His wardrobe is also slightly reminiscent of an old man, with shirts under vests, checkered over-shirts, and corduroy pants.

To pay off his debt, he decided to rejoin Pop’s as a cook and wore the same uniform he had worn years before, albeit without the bow tie and the smile.

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