Robson Rocha dies, the artist of ‘Aquaman’ for DC Comics was 41 years old

One of the rising stars of DC comics Robson Rocha died after a battle with Covid19 at the age of just 41. News of the artist’s death circulated on social media Sunday afternoon, just a week after a friend made a public request to blood donors to allow Rocha a critical transfusion, which came after several weeks in intensive care. The comic book artist worked on DC titles from the “New 52” era such as Birds of prey, Batman / Superman and Kelly Sue deConnick’s Aquaman run among others. This year one of his last pieces was in “Future State: Justice League” # 1-2.

Rocha made his breakthrough at DC in 2010 and signed an exclusive contract with DC at the beginning of the “Rebirth” era, which led to him working on Aquaman Y Green Lanterns. When he signed his contract, Rocha said: “I have been a fan of comics since I was a child. Having the opportunity to work with the DC characters that I admire and love so much is a dream come true. These heroes have helped me believe in a world better and much more fantastic. I hope my contributions to these characters help inspire others. “

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The news of her passing was tweeted by her comic book partner Yildiray Cinar, who offered her condolences to Rocha’s family, saying, “I’m very sorry to hear that Robson Rocha left us today. RIP Robson. So young and early … my condolences. to his family, his loved ones and all his fans … “With the message, Cinar published a piece of Lineart de Rocha Aquaman works.

More tributes followed, including one from DC editor Jim Lee, who said: “I was always impressed with the amazing energy and fluidity of his artwork, the grace of his lines and the power of his compositions. My condolences to his widowed wife and daughter, his many companions who admired and respected his talent, and the countless fans around the world who loved and appreciated his art. “

Many more followed with Associate Editor Andrea Shea, adding, “Robson Rocha was a brilliant artist, a kind man, and a loving husband and father. He was so incredibly loved and will be sorely missed.” Kelly Sue DeConnick, who worked on the Aquaman series that Rocha drew, said: “I’m still processing all of this I guess, so I don’t have much to say. Trying to figure out what to do, the best family way.”

Jessica Chen, comic book editor, commented, “Robson Rocha had an incredible talent for using his art to express ideas that were caught between script and words. We both loved horror and brought it into our projects. My heart goes out. broken and still refuses to believe that he’s gone now. The comics have lost a great artist and even better friend. “

As many countries are trying to get back to normal, it is a terrible reminder that the pandemic is still very much alive and is as dangerous as ever for many. While a large part of the population in many countries is now vaccinated against the virus, there are still many who fall ill with numerous variants. Our thoughts are with Rocha’s family and friends at this time.

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