Sister Wives: Janelle Shares Rare Selfie With Kody From Arizona

Sister Wives fans got a glimpse of a date night between Kody and Janelle Brown at Janelle’s motorhome parked on the dirt of their future home.

Janelle Brown gave fans a quick glimpse of a date night in her RV with her husband and partner. Sister wives star, it looks like Kody Brown. Janelle decided to move out of her home to an RV on the family’s lot after the rental she lived in was sold. She felt it was the smartest move for her considering the crazy Flagstaff housing market right now. Janelle is viewing this new life in the motorhome as an adventure, and she seems to be enjoying it from now on. He previously gave fans an update on VR life during a lifetime on Instagram. He said he lives in a luxurious 429-square-foot mobile home, which has two living rooms, a small kitchen, and a big-screen TV.

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The motorhome is parked on the land the family bought when they first moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, in 2018. Despite owning it for several years, they have yet to begin construction and begin construction on a new home. The delay could possibly be due to different opinions on what to do with the land. Kody initially wanted to build a giant house on the land for all the family members to live in. Wives, on the other hand, each wanted their own homes for themselves and their children to live on, separate from everyone else. Finally, they decided to follow the idea of ​​the wives and build four different houses for each of the wives. However, there is no indication yet as to when construction on the houses will actually begin.

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Janelle now she’s giving fans a rare glimpse at her date nights with Kody on her Instagram. As reported by In touch weekly, Janelle posted a photo of her and Kody smiling together as the sun set, explaining that they ate Chinese food. Earlier in the day, Janelle posted a photo of a picnic table outside her RV explaining how excited she was for their date night, saying that they would definitely be star gazing and enjoying the beautiful Arizona sky. Of all the wives, Janelle is the first and only wife to live on the land where they are supposed to live.

Janelle has previously stated how happy she is to live in her mobile home on land. She says there is a lot of land available to her and that it makes more sense to live on land she already owns than to pay rent at someone else’s home. She claims that before moving in, she would go from feeling excited about living in an RV to being nervous about it. The reality TV star was excited, because she claims that it was something she had always wanted to try, but was nervous because there are so many unknowns. It seems that everything is going well so far, even with all the unknowns.

It is unclear when construction of the houses will begin and how its completion will affect the dynamics of the family. Right now, none of the families live in the same houses and all the wives seem to be diversifying and doing things on their own. Recently, Meri made some statements on Instagram that hinted at a possible dispute between her and some members of her family. It is unknown who exactly the post was referring to, but fans can agree that she is in talks with someone on Sister wives to emit. Could this be the end of the Brown family, as fans of the show know them?

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