Spider-Gwen Gets a Stunning New Look on Demon Days Variant Cover

Spider-Gwen, also known as Ghost-Spider, is a fan-favorite hero, and she received a new look for Demon Days: Cursed Web from Peach Momoko, courtesy of artist Bengal.

Weather Spider-GwenThe creation was controversial due to the incredibly famous death of the original Gwen Stacy, her popularity grew rapidly and she continues to see fan adoration in variant covers, stories, and derivative characters alike, most recently in the upcoming Peach Momoko movie. Demon Days: Cursed Web # 1. In a variant cover for the September release, Spider-Gwen shines, showing off a stunning new look in this reimagined take on Marvel canon.

Momoko’s Peach Devil days saga has been a unique and incredibly creative series, mixing Marvel myths with Japanese folklore. Momoko’s ability to reimagine popular characters and their backstories in entirely new ways, fusing them with stories of spirits and demons, has even offered characters like X-Men’s Mariko Yashida a new lease on life. But while Momoko’s art is impressive in and of itself, something Marvel is fully aware of, turning to the artist for many variant covers of her own, comic book artist Bengal’s cover for the next issue is something all fans from Ghost-Spider should see.

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Spider-Gwen, or Ghost-Spider, has taken center stage on many variant covers before. He even merged with a number of other characters in a line of variant covers when his popularity first grew (one of them created the Gwenpool spin-off character), but now Bengal has shared a new variant cover that is completely his own. This is not the first time the artist has worked on the character, but now he has a chance to show her on Momoko. Devil days view. Along with the famous pink-lined hood, the subtle fishnet detail under her feet and the pattern on her jacket make her recognizable but still original, and different enough to remain distinctive in the narrative of Devil days.

Demon Days_ Cursed Web Spider-Gwen Stacy

Marvel promotional materials have made it clear that this issue will follow Mariko, currently on the run from the demonic Ogin, when she encounters a mysterious girl with a spider as a pet, likely the Gwen Stacy from this reality. Devil days has a habit of drastically reinventing characters, so it’s possible that Ghost-Spider retains some of his traditional powers, though his arachnid bond is a fascinating new wrinkle. She also appears to be an unaccompanied minor making her way into a dangerous world, an element that the impressive art of Bengal failed to clarify.

Readers may be excited to see the return of many of the characters that have been featured so far at the Devil days myths, such as the wolf Wolverine and the murderous trio of Sabretooth, Mystique, and Nightcrawler, as the series’ narrative threads begin to twist. Plus, they can look forward to finding out how these established characters will interact with new faces like Ghost-Spider, who will hopefully be a much-needed ally for Mariko. Demon Days: Cursed Web releases to physical and digital media on September 1, debuting this new Spider-Gwen.

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