Spider-Man Beyond: 5 times Ben Reilly saved the day (and 5 times he did terrible things)

Fans were understandably divided at the news that Ben Reilly would return to the networks in the story of “Spider-Man Beyond”. The Amazing spider man, given the character’s troubled history as the hero-turned-villain-turned-hero known as Scarlet Spider.

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Reilly’s return to the role of Spider-Man comes with a new costume influenced by his’ 90s redesign that seems to point towards a new heroic path for the character, but he has done some terrible things over the years that might not balance out. altogether. with all the times he has saved the day, which we will take a closer look at today.

10 Saved the Day: Saved New York from a Nuclear Bomb During New Warriors’ “Future Shock”

Ben Reilly as Spider-Man fails and then saves New York from a bomb

Ben Reilly’s time as Spider-Man was short-lived, but it had an impact on the lives of other heroes during his tenure that also saw him save the entire city of New York from a terrorist attack when he was able to defuse a nuclear explosive. device during the “Future Shock” story of the first volume of New warriors.

However, the New Warriors were instrumental in stopping an attacker from the future known as Advent who chose that moment to begin taking control of the future by stopping Spider-Man. While successful the first time around, Timeslip’s ability to move through time allowed the New Warriors to stop Advent and give Reilly plenty of time to defuse the bomb.

9 He did terrible things – he became the jackal after experimentation drove him crazy

Ben Reilly’s villainous days began after his death during the Clone Saga (more on that soon) when he was cloned again by The Jackal using a new process that transferred memories up to the exact moment of death, which was tested on Reilly 27. times. .

The frequent cycle of deaths and rebirths for experimentation caused Reilly to break down, and he escaped to take over Warren’s experiment as a remake of The Jackal who completely abandoned his heroic beginnings and tainted the memories of Peter Parker’s life that led them both to be heroes.

8 Saved the Day: Protected New York City from Onslaught’s Sentinel Army

Ben Reilly as Spider-Man vs Sentinels during Onslaught

Onslaught was an evil psionic being created by the fusion of the dark psychic energies of Professor Xavier and Magneto, resulting in a powerful villain who threatened the Marvel Universe and declared the island of Manhattan as the scene of his assault on humanity.

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Ben Reilly was active as Spider-Man during this time, although he was grappling with doubts about his ability to play the role. Fortunately, he was able to dig deep and find the strength to fight the Onslaught sentinel army at a turning point for the character on his first return to the nets.

7 He did terrible things – almost unleashed a new scavenger virus on the world during Dead No More

Reilly’s time as The Jackal saw him use Warren’s cloning technology to create a company called New U Technologies that replaced limbs, organs, and secretly brought the deceased into new clone bodies, which included various characters from Spider-Man’s past. .

However, the cloning process carried a dangerous strain like the Carrion virus that devastated other Earths in the multiverse that Reilly would have purposely released onto the world if Spider-Man and his allies had not passed on a cure.

6 Saved the Day – He sacrificed himself to save Peter Parker during a battle with Norman Osborn

Ben Reilly sacrificing himself for Spider-Man

Peter Parker’s return to the role of Spider-Man came at a deadly cost during the “Revelations” storyline when it was revealed that Norman Osborn had not only survived his apparent death and been in secret hiding for years, but was also responsible. of the whole. from the confusing Clone Saga.

Osborn attempted to impale Peter Parker with his glider as he had done in their last fateful encounter, but the severely beaten Ben Reilly leapt forward and sacrificed himself for the original Spider-Man. The glider’s injury initiated the cellular degeneration of his clone body and he died in Spider-Man’s arms as a hero.

5 He did terrible things: he betrayed the Midnight Sons with Mephisto during his takeover of Las Vegas

Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider making a deal with Mephisto

After Reilly’s brief stint as The Jackal, he returned to his original Scarlet Spider identity and moved to Las Vegas to discover his new path. However, after the destruction of Las Vegas in Secret empire and rebirth thanks to Doctor Strange, Mephisto was able to take control of the souls of the city during the Condemnation story.

A new formation of Midnight Sons gathered to fight Mephisto, though Scarlet Spider made a deal with the devil and surrendered his allies. He also eventually turned against Mephisto and rejoined the Midnight Sons, but he showed his true colors during this dark period of his life.

4 Saved the day: an alternate version sacrificed himself to stop the heirs in Spider-Verse

Ben Reilly's Ripped Spider-Man Mask from Spider-Verse

The Spider-verse The event featured the return of the mighty Morlun and his family of Heirs, who fed on Spider-Totems from different realities and threatened to bring about the end of the Web of Life and Fate that connected all Spider-People throughout. the multiverse.

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A version of Ben Reilly from Earth-94 who never died at the hands of Norman Osborn and remained as Spider-Man joined other clones such as Kaine Parker / Scarlet Spider and Ultimate Black Widow to strike a major blow against the Inheritors and their cloning of Resurrection. ease, though it cost him his life in the process.

3 He did terrible things: he used a terminally ill girl as a bargaining chip

Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider with an angelic Abigail

Ben Reilly’s time in Las Vegas showed some of his worst moments, as he was still dealing with the insanity brought on by repeated deaths and rebirths, as well as the guild of his actions as The Jackal that was haunting him in other ways as well.

After Reilly got into trouble with the powerful mother of a girl affected by his old company, a casino owner, he bargained for the girls’ lives and vowed to cure her. She eventually died, although he was able to bring her back thanks to a favor from Death that ultimately resulted in the young woman’s ascension to a powerful angelic form.

two Saved the day – sacrificed himself during Spider-Geddon to stop the heirs again

Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider vs The Heirs

Ben Reilly, from the mainstream of reality, was caught up in the Spider-Geddon event that brought about the return of the Inheritors, thanks to the cloning technology used by New U Technologies during Reilly’s time as The Jackal.

Reilly was still plagued with an evil side that threatened to consume him, but he still made plans with Otto Octavius ​​/ Superior Spider-Man to secretly sacrifice his life force to the Heir named Jennix. However, Reilly’s fractured mind led to Jennix’s own insanity and the downfall of the cloning lab, but not before Reilly himself was recloned again with a purged heroic mindset.

1 He did terrible things: he stabbed and left Kaine Parker for dead in one of his last evil deeds

Ben Reilly stabs and threatens Kaine Parker

Before Reilly’s final cloning and purification of his evil self in Spider-Geddon, was killed and brought back one last time by the angelic young woman, leading to a sociopathic snap that threatened to turn him into villainy forever.

He showed this latest dark twist by brutally stabbing Kaine Parker and letting him die, though he also warned him to get out of Las Vegas if he survived. Kaine has not reappeared since, but Reilly continues to seek redemption following his return to heroism after Spider-Geddon.

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