Spider-Man: Miles Morales wasn’t Marvel’s only surviving hero

When Miles Morales jumped into the main Marvel Universe after Secret War, he was joined by a former villain turned Ultimate Marvel hero, Bombshell.

In the wake of Secret wars, Miles Morales’s Spider-Man and his extended supporting cast had the opportunity to move from their home in the Ultimate Universe to a place of prominence in the mainstream Marvel Universe. While he initially appeared to be the only hero to make this transition, his longtime ally Bombshell was what’s more transplanted to the new reality, where since then it has found its own place within the current ecosystem of young heroes.

However, Bombshell wasn’t even a hero initially, debuting as a minor villain for Peter Parker’s Spider-Man instead. Lana Baumgartner was introduced in 2009 Ultimate Comics Spider-Man # 2 by Brian Michael Bendis and David LaFuente as a new (and foul-mouthed) villain for a Spider-Man still reeling from the catastrophic events of Ultimatum. Together with their mother, who shared the same mutant ability to create explosive energy explosives, the pair became open criminals. Quickly taking on the titles of the Bombshells, the pair repeatedly clashed with the heroes of New York City and very often fell easily to the likes of Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and Human Torch.

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Bombshell Miles Morales 2 Spider-Man Ultimate Comics

However, things changed after Lana’s grandmother received custody of the young woman while her mother remained in prison, and Lana found herself enrolled at Midtown High, making her the classmate of Peter Parker and his friends. . She tried to keep a low profile, until Peter Parker (who had tried to befriend her) died fighting the Sinister Six. Peter’s successor in the role, Miles Morales, ended up meeting Bombshell, who helped him defeat Taskmaster and the Roxxon Brain Trust. She became increasingly drawn to a more heroic life, befriending Miles and even becoming a member of the Young Ultimates with him, Spider-Woman, Kitty Pryde, Cloak, and Dagger.

Like the rest of his world, Bombshell likely died when the raids crashed the Ultimate Universe into Earth-616. However, thanks to Miles and the rest of the surviving heroes of the Marvel Universe, reality was restored in Secret wars by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribić. After the battle, a grateful Molecule Man used his powers to effectively restart Miles’s life in the core of the Marvel Universe, attracting many of his friends and family in the process. This included Bombshell and her mother, who found themselves dealing with a new reality around them. Her connection to Miles, and her romantic feelings for him, led her to resist her mother’s attempts to turn them both into villainy, resulting in Lana helping her take her down before joining the Champions.

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Ultiamte Spider-Man Miles Morales Bombshell

He also played a minor role in the recent story “Outlawed,” which focused on the Champions and other young heroes facing the effects of the controversial “Kamala Law” that makes it a crime to be an unsupervised teenage hero. Bombshell was one of the heroes who was caught covering his teammates’ escape and ended up at one of Roxxon’s reeducation camps, where he became perhaps the most vocal of the teenage heroes to argue that perhaps they make You need some form of checks and balances. However, he has tried to maintain his friendship with the other young heroes and came to Miles’s aid during the battle with his evil 616 counterpart, Ultimatum.

Bombshell is still a hero in the Marvel Universe today and presents an interesting perspective for the younger group of Marvel characters, with her experience in the world of crime giving her something akin to Clint Barton’s badass attitude to the original Avengers. . Between his villainous past and his outspoken nature, Bombshell holds a unique place within the Marvel Universe compared to the other Champions.

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