Spider-Man: Why the lizard is Marvel’s cold-blooded monster

The Lizard’s most recent development has left him in a wild state reminiscent of Todd McFarlane’s opening story during his Spider-Man run.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man # 70 by Nick Spencer, Federico Vicentini, Alex Sinclair, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, out now.

Sinister war is getting ready to start and Doctor Octopus has recruited a new version of the Sinister Six. Along with Octavius ​​are some of Spider-Man’s greatest foes, including Electro, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, and the Lizard. However, this is not the Lizard Peter Parker is used to dealing with. This version of the Lizard has been completely stripped of its human personality. The Lizard now has the potential to be more vicious than ever, echoing a version of the character that nearly took down the cobweb thrower.

Spiderman # 1 by Todd McFarlane, Bob Sharen, and Rick Parker all saw the iconic hero approach the peak of his success just a few years after his role. After foiling numerous cataclysmic threats, Spider-Man thought it strange that the thieves were still trying to operate in his city. Even more disheartening were the newspaper headlines about the brutal murders that were taking place across New York. Fortunately, the most recent crime scene photographs left Peter a clue as to the identity of the culprit, as someone tried to spell “Connors” in the victim’s blood, as in Curt Conners, the Lizard’s alter ego.

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The terrifying Lizard Spider-Man by McFarlane

Spider-Man set out to find the Lizard, but did not know that the voodoo priestess Calypso was the true mastermind of the plot. A ritual had given him complete control over the Lizard, whom he planned to use against the cobweb thrower. His ritual deactivated Peter’s spider sense and the Lizard attacked. This erupted into one of his most gruesome and bloodiest battles. The Lizard smashed through an office building, seriously injuring the cobweb’s head in the process. As the Lizard prepared to land a final blow, Spider-Man desperately kicked him, inadvertently impaling him on a ragged piece of metal that appeared to kill the beast. The hero then fled, fearing he had accidentally killed Conners.

This would not be the end for the Lizard, as Calypso’s voodoo kept him alive and full of bloodlust. The pair fought again and Spider-Man was knocked out, and the priestess stopped the monster just before killing the hero. When Peter regained consciousness, he was horrified to see a zombified version of Kraven the Hunter with the Lizard in tow. It was revealed that Kraven was actually Calypso, using magic to disguise himself. He would go on to explain that he cared deeply for Kraven and that the two had become quite close until Kraven’s disappearance. This led her to use voodoo in an effort to destroy Spider-Man, whom she blamed for death.

Their monologue was interrupted when Spider-Man and the Lizard continued their battle. They knocked over Calypso’s pots full of fire and cut a gas line, causing a huge explosion. In a last-ditch effort, the hero managed to entangle the creature in a mass of chains that seemed to strangle the Lizard. Calypso took this opportunity to collapse the building in on himself before escaping.

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The strange size of the Lizard and Spider-Man panel

Spider-Man’s last battle with a completely unhinged Lizard nearly cost him his life on more than one occasion. While this version of the Lizard didn’t have the conscience of Curt Connors trying to calm him down from the inside, it did have Calypso, who was using voodoo to influence the beast. With Connors outcast, more of the Lizard’s wild nature took over.

Now that Connors has been completely removed from the Lizard, the creature appears to have returned to a wilder and more aggressive state. Ironically, the Lizard is now in the possession of Kraven the Hunter, the son of the original Kraven that Calypso was obsessed with. Regardless, Kraven’s son has already proven extremely dangerous, which is only increased by the Lizard’s presence. Spider-Man fought immensely the last time he fought the wild lizard, but his fight in “Sinister War” can prove much more difficult, especially in combination with the threat of five of his most deadly foes.

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Spider-Man trapped in the web

Spider-Man got caught in the tangled web of another avenger

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