Star Trek: how old was each main TOS character at the beginning and end

The main cast of Star Trek: The Original Series remains one of the most emblematic of the Star trek franchise, but how old was each main character in their first and last appearances? COUGH It first aired in 1966, and although it was canceled in 1969 after just three seasons, the show gained a cult following in syndication that paved the way for everyone else. Star trek series and film that came later. Today, COUGH It’s still considered one of the best sci-fi shows of all time, and the franchise it created is still strong.

Shake The popularity was largely due to its main cast of characters, who viewers fell in love with while watching the show. Even people who are not fans of Star trek You will often recognize the names of characters from the show, such as Captain Kirk, Spock, or Doctor McCoy. The COUGH The characters continue to gain prominence in the Star trek canon, and because they have become so popular, a lot of information about them has been revealed over the years, including, in most cases, their birth dates and ages.

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For popular characters like Captain James T. Kirk, the exact dates of birth (and death) are widely known among Star trek fans. Even for secondary players like Sulu or Chekov, birth dates have been provided to give fans an idea of ​​where they fit in on the timeline. This means that the ages of the COUGH The crew is pretty well documented and easy to trace over the course of their multiple appearances throughout the franchise.

James T. Kirk

James T Kirk from Star Trek The Original Series

Played by William Shatner, James T. Kirk’s biographical details are perhaps the best known of all. COUGH character. Kirk was born on March 22, 2233, which gave him 32 years early in COUGH since the first season was set in 2265. COUGH covered from 2265 to 2269 on the timeline, so in the final season, Kirk would have been 36 years old. Kirk’s version of Shatner made his last appearance in the film. Star Trek: Generations, which primarily focused on the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation but it included Kirk as a significant character. Generations were set in both 2293 and 2371 and it was also the movie where Kirk met his end, dying in battle with the main villain after being rescued from the Nexus by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Because he had not aged during his time on the Nexus, Kirk was physically 60 years old when he died in 2371, but he was technically 138 years old if you count the years in between.


Spock (Leonard Nimoy) has an equally well-documented age. Spock was born on January 6, 2230, and in early COUGH He was 35 years old, turning 39 at the end. The last time Leonard Nimoy’s Spock appeared on the franchise’s Prime Timeline was in the TNG episodes “Unification, Parts 1 and 2”, which were set in the year 2368. Spock was 138 years old at the time, his Vulcan heritage allowed him a much longer lifespan than most humans. However, the rebooted Star trek Films that began in 2009 included Nimoy as part of their main cast, making them COUGH Spock’s actual final appearance in the franchise. In the movies, Spock was accidentally sucked into a black hole that transported him from 2387 on Prime Timeline to 2258 on Kelvin Timeline. Spock was 157 when he ended up in Kelvin’s timeline and lived there for another four years before passing away at the age of 161. His death in canon was the result of Leonard Nimoy’s passing in 2015.

Leonard “Bones” McCoy

Leonard McCoy from Star Trek The Original Series

Completing the iconic COUGH trio, Doctor “Bones” McCoy, played by DeForest Kelley, had a slightly simpler timeline on the series. According to canon, McCoy was born in 2227, making him 38 years old at the beginning of COUGH and 42 at the end of it. This also made him the second oldest character in the main cast. Kelley’s last appearance came in the TNG pilot episode “Encounter at Farpoint” where he made a cameo as a way of passing the torch to the next Star trek Show. “Encounter at Farpoint” was established in 2364, making McCoy 137 years old and demonstrating that humans had developed ways of living much longer in the 24th century. McCoy’s death was never shown on screen, but Kelley died in 1999, making further appearances of his version of McCoy impossible later. Star trek Projects.

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Montgomery “Scotty” Scott

Montgomery Scott from Star Trek The Original Series

Portrayed by James Doohan, The original series’ Scotty was born in 2222, so he was 43 at the beginning of COUGH and 47 at the end. Doohan’s last appearance as Scotty was the TNG episode “Relics”, which was set in the year 2369. Thus it revealed that in 2294, Scotty had been aboard a ship that crashed on the surface of a Dyson Sphere. In an attempt to save himself, he manipulated the ship’s transporter to buffer his patterns and survived another 75 years in transporter limbo until the USS Enterprise-D found and rescued him. In 2294, Scotty was 72 years old and appeared to be the same age when he was rescued from the transporter buffer, although he was technically 147 years old with the additional 75 years. Like McCoy, Scotty’s death was never shown in canon, but James Doohan died in 2005 and never reappeared in the franchise after his episode of TNG.

Uhura Star

Nyota Uhura from Star Trek The Original Series

Uhura was portrayed by Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek: The Original Series and he is one of the two main characters whose date of birth was never set on screen. However, thanks to the Star Trek Encyclopedia and the Star Trek Timeline – both written by a franchise graphic designer and Emigrate expert Michael Okuda – Uhura’s date of birth has been set. According to Chronology, Uhura was born in 2239. This made her 26 in early COUGH and 30 at the end of it. Nichols last appearance as Uhura was in Star Trek VI: The Unknown Country, the latest film to focus on the COUGH to emit. Uhura was 54 years old in The unknown country, which was established in 2293.

Hikaru sulu

George Takei Sulu Star Trek

Sulu, played by George Takei, was another character without a previously unsettled date of birth. Star Trek timeline. According to the chronology, he was born in 2237. This would have made him 28 and 32 at the beginning and end of COUGH respectively. Although Sulu appeared in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Flashback”, his last appearance in the timeline was in The unknown country at the age of 56. Traveler being much further ahead in the timeline, Sulu’s appearance was part of a memory of the events of The unknown country, and everything he did after the events of the movie has never been depicted in canon.

Pavel Chekov

Pavel Chekov from Star Trek The Original Series

The youngest member of the main team, Chekov, played by Walter Koenig, was born in 2245. The character was not added to the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series until season 2, so his first appearance was in 2266 when he was 21 years old. COUGH, Chekov would have been 24 years old, and his last appearance was with Star Trek: Generations in 2293 at the age of 48. Like many other characters, the rest of Chekov’s life, including any instance of his death, has never been depicted on screen.

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