Star Wars confirms its most important bloodline since the Skywalkers

In War of the Bounty Hunters, the young heir to rival syndicates named Cadeliah could have the potential to defeat Crimson Dawn and bring unity.

Warning! Spoilers for Star Wars: Bounty Hunter # 14

Star Wars has confirmed the most important lineage in the galaxy since the Sky Walker family. Although she is not a Force user, Cadeliah has the ability to unite the most dangerous groups in the world Star Wars underworld.

As Beilert Valance and Dengar search for Han Solo’s frozen carbonite body, they encounter a new assassin in Deathstick form. As Crimson Dawn continues to move one step closer to success, it seems like someone unlikely could stand in its way. The positions of power in the galaxy are changing Star Wars: Bounty Hunter # 14, written by Ethan Sacks with art by Paola Villanelli. Star Wars has always had a central family theme, so it seems appropriate that that is what the current crossover event would affect, War of the bounty hunters.

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A young woman named Cadeliah has been revealed to be the true heir to two crime syndicates: the Mourner’s Lament along with the Unbreakable Clan. This makes her a bridge that can unite the two nefarious forces. In the middle of the War of the bounty hunters, now there’s a race to get Cadeliah home before Crimson Dawn comes for her. Born as the heir to these two rival gangs, she has the potential to get the attention of unions. This effectively makes Cadeliah’s lineage the most comprehensive in the world. Star Wars universe apart from the Skywalkers. After this information is released, her grandfather pleads that Cadeliah’s identity be kept. Secret as Crimson Dawn I wouldn’t want her to “Potentially unite the other unions.”

This confirmation that she is the key to possibly ending the ongoing war is a major blow to Crimson Dawn, currently led by fallen Maul’s protégé, Qi’ra. However, it is fitting that the simplest person, a child, can be the answer to peace. Such heir to power echoes the position Luke Skywalker finds himself in when he faces his father in a duel in Cloud City. Darth Vader offers her a hand to rule the galaxy, and similarly, Cadeliah will soon have to choose to join unions rather than take sides.

Cadeliah’s grandfather asks the bounty hunters T’onga and Losha to protect Cadelia, placing them in a position reminiscent of Obi-Wan Kenobi as he guarded Luke on Tatooine, ensuring their safety from the Empire and the survival of the Sky Walker family. Now, Crimson Dawn is the state of the Empire union that has gained the upper hand in the Star Wars underworld. He is also comparable to Din Djarin protecting Grogu in The mandalorian as the boy had a destiny beyond the current circumstances of the war, but attracted the attention of an imperial remnant. Now, T’onga and Losha must race against time before Crimson Dawn comes next. Cadeliah. With the threat of Qi’ra and Deathstick, Maul’s murderous successor, they are desperate for a victory.

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