Star Wars: Mark Hamill is not a fan of the Tauntaun sleeping bag

Legendary Star Wars actor Mark Hamill dropped a hilarious spiel on his Twitter page after seeing a photo of a Tauntaun sleeping bag made for kids.

Star Wars Star Mark Hamill had a hilarious response to a Tauntaun sleeping bag. Hamill is best known for his portrayal of Luke Skywalker in the original. Star Wars trilogy. He would reprise the role of Luke in the most recent Star Wars film trilogy and made a surprise cameo as Luke in The Mandalorian. In real life, Hamill has developed a fun social media presence, where he frequently reacts entertainingly to Star Wars content such as images, fan videos, questions, theories, merchandise, and more.

There are many reasons why Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is considered the best Star Wars movie of all time. The scene where Luke is forced to sleep in the entrails of a dead Tauntaun is generally not considered one of them. However, the scene adequately demonstrated how much Han Solo (Harrison Ford) had grown up to care for Luke’s safety, effectively contributing to his character development. After all, it was Han who ventured into the freezing temperatures of the planet Hoth to find the missing Luke, and it was Han who cut up Luke’s dead Tauntaun to prevent Luke from being frozen to death.

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Hamill He retweeted an image of a Tauntaun sleeping bag on his Twitter page and added his thoughts on the piece of Star Wars goods. Hamill’s hilarious spiel definitely doesn’t seem like an endorsement of the sleeping bag. Look what Hamill said about funny. Star Wars merch below.

It’s safe to say that Hamill probably won’t be buying a Tauntaun sleeping bag anytime soon. Of course, his mild joke of this piece of Star Wars the merchandise is a lot of fun. What’s even funnier about Hamill’s reaction is that the Tauntaun sleeping bag featured on his retweet was initially just a 2009 April Fool’s Day joke from the ThinkGeek company. The demand for the fake product was so high Star Wars ThinkGeek fans actually ended up selling a Tauntaun sleeping bag with a different design that is still available for purchase to this day.

Putting the sleeping bags aside, Hamill’s reactions to Star Wars Social media content remains a priceless jewel of comedy. In addition to his puzzled reaction to the Tauntaun sleeping bag, Hamill also jokingly told fans recently not to buy merchandise that featured Luke’s severed hand. It’s funny enough that Hamill’s amused disapproval of Star Wars The merchandise has lately been linked to incidents Luke faced in The Empire Strikes Back. Mark Hamill’s presence on social media is simply the gift he continues to give by Star Wars fans. And after all, if it hadn’t been for that Tauntaun in The Empire Strikes Back Luke would not have survived that frigid night on Hoth. Unfortunately, the Tauntaun sleeping bag may not have the same impact.

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