Stranger Things season 4 is inspired by The Great Escape & Alien 3

David Harbor has revealed that the Duffer brothers are using The Great Escape and 1963’s Alien 3 as inspiration for the plot of Stranger Things season 4.

David Harbor, who plays Jim Hopper in the Netflix hit. Strange things, has said that season 4 will be inspired by The big escape Y Alien 3. Harbor, who also just appeared as the Red Guardian in Marvel’s Black widow, began his career in 1999 and has had several supporting roles in films such as Quantum of Solace Y Suicide squad Through the years. However, it was Harbor’s casting as the lovable Jim Hopper in 2016. Strange things, who took it upon himself to make it a household name.

Created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, for the past three seasons the Strange things The showrunners have introduced many pop culture references to their show. Aside from their unconditional love for all things Stephen King, the Duffer brothers have also referenced everything from The terminator franchise to Ghostbusters the eternal History and The Karate Kid. Filled almost to bursting with Easter eggs and subtle nods, each season has seen the talented brothers improve their game and delve ever deeper into the treasure trove of their own beloved games and movie influences.

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More recently, it appears that Harbor has revealed what the public can expect from the long-awaited Strange things season 4. Talking to him New York Times, Harbor suggested that the brothers “They are great at video games, manga, and anime.” and they also talked about Steve McQueen’s 1963 classic The big escape and 1992 Alien 3 as direct influences. See what Harbor had to say when asked what the new season has in store for fans:

I have my answer prepackaged, which is true, which is a super exciting season. He has gone to another place. It started, in season 1, with this small town police chief, and now it has grown into something sprawling with a Russian prison and a monster. The brothers love video games, manga, and anime, and we’re definitely playing with that this season. We talk about “The Great Escape” and “Alien 3” as influences. In Hopper terms, you get to see a lot of backstory that you haven’t seen before, it’s only been hinted at. Unlike the father he has become, eating chips and salsa and yelling at his teenage daughter, you will discover something more of the warrior he had been.

Jim Hopper from Stranger Things leans against the sink while eating cereal and smiling

Since last year Strange things The season 4 trailer revealed that Hopper was incarcerated in a Russian research facility, far from the world he knew in Hawkins, Indiana, those two particular cinematic influences should probably come as a surprise to fans. With The big escape retelling a story of a massive escape from a WWII prisoner of war camp, and the events of Alien 3 Set on Fiorina’s prison planet “Fury” 161, it makes sense that Hopper’s incarceration in a facility known to house a Demogorgon would borrow certain aspects from both films. Exactly how Hopper will escape back to American soil will be an important story thread that fans eagerly await to see.

In a departure from previous seasons, which were based primarily on the small town of Hawkins, Strange things Season 4 will turn things around by introducing fans to a larger world. Not only is Hopper incarcerated in the Soviet Union, but Eleven and the Byers family also packed their bags and left the township at the end of Season 3. However, as far away as the central characters are, the Hawkins National Laboratory remains. He is sure to be at the center of the unfolding drama and it is probably inevitable that a Hawkins reunion is at stake. At this time Strange things Fans do not have an official release date for season 4 yet, but it will likely be released in 2022.

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