Superman once had a double date with Spider-Man

In Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man, both heroes end a hard day’s work by going on a double date together with their partners!

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Superman vs. Amazing Spider-Man!

Superman Y Spiderman We had a double date together once. This happened in 1976. Superman vs the amazing Spiderman, where Peter Parker and Clark Kent first met. Not only did the two iconic heroes cross paths for the first time, but this comic marked the first crossover of DC and Marvel. Without a doubt, this was a huge problem in the comic book world, as it set the precedent for future crossovers.

In this issue, Superman and Spider-Man have their own prologues, setting up the events that are going to unfold. In Metropolis, Superman faces off against Lex Luthor, who operates from a huge robot he built. Not long after, Superman tracks Lex’s location and takes him down. Meanwhile, in New York, Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus have an extensive fight that ends with the villain in prison. And it so happens that the two villains end up in the same prison as their cellmates. After just a couple of minutes of being locked up, Lex hatches a plan to escape and takes Dr. Octopus with him. They realize that they can work together to trap their two enemies by bringing them together.

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On Superman vs. Amazing Spider-Man by Stan Lee, Carmine Infantino, Gerry Conway and Ross Andru, Lex and Dr. Octopus get Superman and Spider-Man to fight. They achieve this by kidnapping Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson and tricking Superman into thinking that Spider-Man is responsible. However, Superman and Spider-Man are not fooled for long when they realize that they have played. By coming together, they form a special bond as they relentlessly try to stop their enemies and also save their better halves. With Superman and Spider-Man having spent a lot of time together, as did Lois Lane and Mary Jane while in captivity, it’s only natural for everyone to bond. As they walk away victorious, Superman and Spider-Man go on a double date.

This happens at the end of the issue as they walk away into the sunset, knowing that both Lex Luthor and Dr. Octopus are locked up, at least for now. And just like normal people, they plan to go out and have a good time. The four of them hug each other as they walk to their intended destination, ready for a good drink and a celebratory meal. It’s already overwhelming for fans to see these two great DC and Marvel heroes cross paths, but going on a double date is the icing on the cake. Simply put, it is a comic book fan’s dream to see them as friends.

The very concept of Superman and Spider-Man being partners is amazing, but watching it unfold is something to behold. Superman vs. Amazing Spider-Man It’s a historical issue that broke the worlds of Marvel and DC comics by seemingly confirming that they exist simultaneously. There is an obvious parallel that can be done with Superman Y SpidermanIt’s a double date, as it’s literally what DC and Marvel are doing in this issue. The two team up to create an exciting new comic, forgetting about their rivalry to make an event big and crazy enough for the entire comic book world to see.

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