One of the most sexy things about Sword art online It’s gripping plot twists, and the last season of isekai’s hit relied especially on this kind of addictive shock factor. Sword Art Online: Alicization It started with Kirito venturing into the new Underworld virtual reality realm, a digital world unlike any video game he had ever entered before. After the first half of In SAO’s Alicization arc, the saga continued with more intense battles in the Dark Territory.

War of the underworld was packed with exciting moments to keep viewers on the edge of their seats – some were expected (Kirito’s awakening, his friends arriving in Underworld), while others were astonishing surprises. Here are the top five plot twists of them all in War of the underworld.

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Commander Gabriel Miller logs in as Emperor Vecta

In the Sword Art Online: Alicization final After Administrator is defeated, a squad of American soldiers infiltrates the Ocean Turtle, attacking the ship and creating a surge of energy that makes Kirito catatonic. This company is led by Commander Gabriel Miller, who takes over the submarine and seizes Soul Translator technology for the United States government.

To claim Alice as a military weapon and wreak havoc in the Underworld as the Dark Territory wage war against the Human Empire, Gabriel boldly decides to log into the Underworld himself. The commander chooses the avatar of the dark knight, Emperor Vecta, along with his lieutenant Vassago, the two acting as dual antagonistic forces in War of the underworld.

As an invasive and aggressive force in Ocean Turtle, as well as a former GGO player, Gabriel seems to have no trouble taking on the role of villain in this fantasy-inspired world. As Emperor Vecta, he continues to amaze viewers with his evil and sick actions, such as killing integrity knight Lipia and presenting his frozen head to his lover Shasta. While Vecta is ultimately defeated by Bercouli, Miller survives in the real world, allowing him to re-enter.

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Asuna plunges into the underworld as the goddess Stacia

Gabriel isn’t the only person from the real world to enter the Underworld – the glorious Asuna also steps in at a crucial moment to save Kirito and get Alice back before Vecta can. While everyone may have been hoping that Asuna join Kirito in Underworld sometimeit took more than Sword art online fans had wished, his fantastic entry surprises everyone nonetheless. In the episode “Sword and Fist”, Asuna descends from the sky as the Goddess of Creation Stacia, instantly ripping giant ravines into the ground to attract swarms of enemy soldiers.

Stacia is actually an administrator account, which means that Asuna has magnificent power that dazzles many Underworld citizens who believe in her legend. The right avatar meets Asuna’s tremendous sword skills, as well as her excellent battle prowess and diplomatic skills, making her a key player in War of the underworld.

As honorable mentions, Sinon’s entry was equally miraculous along with many others like Leafa, Agil, and even Yuna who joined the fight. Also, the presentation of 20,000 real-life American gamers who joined the opposing camp, believing the war to be a simple MMO game, was an interesting twist on the real-world / Underworld immersion following Asuna’s lead.

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Fighter leader Iskahn defies Vecta’s orders and switches sides

The war between the Dark Territory and the Human Empire appeared to be a black and white battle, with the “evil” forces of the Dark Territory invading and threatening the lives of humans. However, in one of SAOMore unexpected twists and turns, certain armies of the Dark Territory begin to switch sides as Emperor Vecta’s nefarious plans – like sending factions on suicide missions or sacrificing them to launch his dark art – begin to unfold.

One faction of the Dark Territory has the Pugilists Guild, led by the formidable fighter Iskahn. As Vecta’s intention sinks, Iskahn defies his superior’s orders to enact his own free will. Though his defiance may not be as flashy as other twists, his unforeseen actions turn the tide of the war as the fighters break free from antagonism destined for the Dark Territory. By blurring the lines of good and evil, Iskahn adds great depth to War of the underworld, especially through her sudden romance with Integrity Knight Scheta.

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Kirito and Asuna are trapped in the underworld for 200 years.

To ensure that Alice and Asuna escape the Underworld safely through the Altar of the End of the World, Kirito confronts Gabriel Miller towards War of the underworldclimax. Meanwhile, in Ocean Turtle, the attackers manage to unleash limiters from the Underworld server which greatly speeds up time within digital reality. By not being able to log out while Underworld reboots, those who cannot escape in time will be subjected to 200 years on the virtual reality server.

As Asuna helps Alice out, Kirito’s climactic battle forces him to stay behind. This heroic but damning choice means that he will have to endure another 200 years in Underworld alone. However, just as Kirito collapses in pain, realizing his long prayer, Asuna suddenly appears before him. Romantic suspense adds a jaw-dropping twist to Sword Art Online: War of the Underworld, as fans finally see the OTP reunite to face many Underworld lives together.

Alice enters the real world as an advanced artificial intelligence for Android

When it became known that the goal of Project Alicization was to create autonomous assassination machines for the military, Alice’s potential as an advanced AI became apparent. Therefore, its extraction from the Underworld and its location in the real world was relatively anticipated. However, Alice’s extraordinarily advanced version of Android, which quickly seems fully functional in the real world, came as a surprise.

Researcher Rinko Kojiro holds a press conference to introduce Alice as the first autonomous Artificial Intelligence, her advanced Fluctlight technology successfully implanted in an android. This new version of Alice is astonishingly advanced and realistic, perfectly resembling her Underworld characteristics and giving her full functionality as if she had a real human body, without the deadly confines.

When Alice suddenly disappears into the real world, onlookers were shocked to see her emerge from a box at Kirito’s door, having sent her android form home. Seeing Alice’s seamless integration into the real world is a surreal twist that will forever change the future of AI in Sword art online.

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