The 10 Billion Dollar Grossing Movies With The Worst Rotten Tomatoes Scores

It’s much more common to watch big-budget blockbuster movies reaching $ 1 billion today. What was once a rare feat has become commonplace as so many stocks are invested in the film industry. Fans go to the movies more often than ever, and tickets cost a lot more than they used to. But how much is it really worth to be a billion dollar movie?

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In theory, a lot of people who go to the same movie suggest that the movie must be pretty good, but since Tomatometer of many movies worth billions of dollars in Rotten tomatoes As shown, some of the highest grossing movies can sometimes be the worst in terms of quality.

10 Minions exceed their stay – 55%


When the Minions became the most beloved and talked about the characters of Despicable me (as well as the sequels that followed), it felt inevitable for them to eventually get their own eponymous spinoff movie. Minions hit theaters in 2015, earning $ 1.159 billion in the process, and is currently in the top five highest-grossing animated films of all time.

The general consensus of critics suggests that while it has its funny moments, dedicating an entire movie to the Minions may have forced them to stick around longer in their welcome for the most part.

9 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Jack Sparrow’s Chest Parodies – 53%

Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow featured

Captain Jack Sparrow instantly became one of the most endearing aspects of the original. pirates of the Caribbean. The worldwide love for the character is the reason the first sequel was able to cross the billion dollar mark at the box office. The first film established Sparrow as deceptively dumb, as he concealed a clever cunning behind a wit that keeps him two steps ahead of his opponents.

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The second film pretty much picks up on who Sparrow was established to be, highlighting his goofiness as a defining trait rather than a character trait. Critics didn’t take very well that Sparrow became a parody of himself.

8 Critics don’t hate the Phantom Menace as much as fans – 52%

Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi fighting Darth Maul after Qui-Gon's death.

So I hate how The Phantom Menace keeps getting from casual fans of the Star Wars franchise, critics never criticized the movie as much as the average viewer. Yes, 52% is not a flattering score and it still makes for a rotten movie by definition, but critics seem to have loved it more at release than the average fan.

Still, critics or non-critics, most viewers can agree that while the film’s visuals are impressive and characters like Darth Maul are the right kind of memorable, characters like an annoying Anakin and Jar Jar Binks. They put the prequel trilogy off to a rocky start.

7 The Rise of Skywalker is the New Phantom Menace – 52%

Rey talks to Luke Rise Of Skywalker

It is almost ironic to think that The rise of Skywalker Y The Phantom Menace They both share the same Tomatometer rating, considering both movies have been venomously hated by fans since they hit theaters. Weather Rise of Skywalker It was another case of generally mixed reactions from critics, diehard fans had a lot to complain about.

Most of the complaints that can be found on social media seem to be directed at the film picking up on the message of the previous film while also presenting ideas at the end of the sequel trilogy that seem to come out of nowhere, i.e. , Rey is a Palpatine and in love with Kylo Ren.

6 Unsurprisingly, the lion king (2019) is a retread – 51%

As has been the case with many remakes (particularly remakes based on previous Disney animated works), The Lion King is a copy and paste retread of the original 1994 film. Not necessarily bad, and surely viewers unfamiliar with the 1994 original enjoyed it. Yet as reviews suggest, viewers who saw the 1994 version struggled to sit down to the exact same thing 25 years later in live-action form.

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Still, a voice cast that features characters like BeyoncĂ© and Donald Glover wasn’t going to keep anyone from seeing this, which is why it became the highest grossing animated film of all time.

5 Alice in Wonderland 3D is a visual wonder, even if it’s not original – 51%

Alice talks to her sister

Alice in Wonderland It’s not a remake, although it does have the 1951 animated film running through its veins. At the same time, it remains largely an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s fantasy novels. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Y Through the mirror.

The film was released at the height of both the 3D movie craze and remake craze that swept across Hollywood at the time of release. Critics had grown weary of both follies by this point, but still couldn’t deny the tremendous visual effects the film had to offer. It won Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design at the Oscars, with a nod to Best Visual Effects in the mix.

4 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom met expectations financially, not critically – 47%

Indoraptor stalks prey in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom concept art

First jurassic world It was something of a surprise success. Not to say, no one expected a box office success in a sequel to Jurassic ParkBut few expected it to become one of the highest-grossing films of all time. As a result, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom he had huge expectations on his back.

To some extent, those expectations were met with a movie that peaked as the 12th highest grossing movie with $ 1.3 billion in the bank. Still, that didn’t stop critics from pointing out that five movies in a franchise that’s been around for nearly 30 years, the series has finally run out of ideas.

3 Transformers: Dark of the Moon is out of ideas – 35%

Transformers Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Complete the opening trilogy by placing everyone’s favorite car robots in space. How franchises like it Friday the 13th, Goblin, and more recently Fast and Furious have gone to show, a series has finally run out of ideas when the latest sequel puts its characters in outer space.

It took nine movies for this to happen to the Fast franchise and 10 for Friday the 13th, but the Transformers were in space in the third movie. Truth be told, the movie offers more of the same, except in space.

two Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Kill Captain Jack’s Character – 33%

No, not literally, but this movie did away with any enjoyment fans had for the character. If Captain Jack Sparrow became a self-parody when the second movie came around, the fourth movie takes the fun out of it. Just like him Pirates the franchise at the time ran its course, as did Captain Jack.

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Johnny Depp sleepwalked through a frame that sank to the ground until he was wrecked without a paddle. The plot feels uneven and so does Depp’s acting which stopped being enjoyable after the first movie.

1 Transformers: Age Of Extinction is uneventful – 17%


Transformers: Age of Extinction serves as the fourth Transformers film and the first to star as Mark Wahlberg, replacing Shia LaBeouf as the lead in the franchise for at least the next two films.

It is true that the Transformers The franchise has never been a critical favorite. Critics and casual audiences alike acknowledge that these movies are bad, but fans overlook the bad long enough to recognize the funny moment. Age of extinction it’s bad without the funny, goofy nonsense that usually accompanies these action games. It feels more ingrained and as a result uneventful without being memorable.

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