The 10 funniest quotes from the Arrowverse

The CW’s Arrowverse launched in 2012 with the hit series Arrow, before expanding to include an extensive list of programs such as The flash, Supergirl, and more. While the original show was quite dark, with obvious influences from The dark knight trilogy, later derivatives would include much more humor. Over time, even Oliver Queen’s tough personality let out some witty lines.

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The numerous series consisted of various naturally comedic actors who effortlessly brought a sense of fun and energy to the stories, while talented writers drew the depths of their comedic knowledge to deliver banter to die-hard and casual fans alike. Whether scripted or impromptu, Arrowverse gave viewers plenty of laugh-out-loud moments to quote endlessly.

10 “Easy, the marshmallows are talking”

Legends of Tomorrow Nate Heywood

Legends of tomorrow It was easily the funniest series of the bunch, with a crazy premise that lent itself to countless hilarious jokes. In the episode “Zari”, team member Nate tries to help his fellow Legend, Amaya, with a problem related to her abilities. His solution is to use his ship’s artificial intelligence system to create a hallucinogen that can help.

Not to be left out, Nate also dabbles in fun and has a hilarious reaction to the drug. While the team is attacked, Nate has become useless and is only able to spout nonsense like “I like broccoli” in a very dramatic way or the hilarious “Easy, the marshmallows are talking.”

9 “This is Cosplay?”

Crossover of the 2019s, Crisis on Infinite Earths, saw not just Arrowverse shows come together, but even characters and cast members from previous DC shows and movies. The story saw multiple realities collide and be destroyed, requiring a huge roster of heroes and the occasional villain to unite. Many of the guest appearances were kept under wraps and none other than a certain scarlet sprinter from Zach Snyder. League of Justice.

In the third episode of the event, the CW’s own Flash, played by Grant Gustin, accidentally collided with Ezra Miller’s version of the character. As the two struggle to understand what is happening, Miller’s Flash quickly assumes that Gustin is a cosplay fan and sweetly asks him if he would like a selfie.

8 “It feels really good to have you inside me”

Arrow Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak, played by Emily Bett Rickards, was a gleeful addition to the darker world of Arrow. In her early appearances, she often rambled and kept talking whenever she felt nervous and this led to numerous slip-ups that left audiences in trouble.

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In the first season episode, “The Undertaking,” Felicity goes undercover to help the team obtain much-needed information. While trying to keep calm, she communicates with Oliver through an earpiece and says, “It feels great to have you inside of me.” His attempts to correct the mistake only made things more uncomfortable.

7 “Are you puffing out your chest?”

Supergirl and Superman Poster

Another crossover episode, this time from the 2018s. Elseworlds. Oliver and Barry discover that they have changed bodies thanks to John Deegan’s reality-warping powers. Worse than that, no one believes them when they try to explain the situation. This forces them to travel to an alternate Earth and locate Kara, also known as Supergirl, in hopes that her world has not been affected.

The plan works and she acknowledges the two for who they really are before introducing them to her famous cousin, Clark Kent, aka Superman. Outside of his comfort zone, Oliver tries to appear tougher in front of the Man of Steel, prompting Barry to ask “Are you puffing out your chest?” Oliver simply answers “Yes”.

6 “Lots of superheroes on a farm? I feel like I’ve seen him in a movie before.”

Hawkeye in Avengers Age Of Ultron

In “Legends Of Yesterday,” the cast of Arrow and Flash teamed up to protect the new hero Hawkgirl from the villain Vandal Savage. In their attempts to keep their ally safe, the two teams decide to take refuge on a farm far from their respective cities.

When they arrive, Thea Queen comments that the notion of a team of heroes hiding out on a farm feels like something she saw in a movie once. For some, this moment would mean nothing. For most comic book fans, however, it was an obvious and humorous nod to 2015. Avengers: Age of Ultron who saw the Avengers resting on Hawkeye’s secret family farm.

5 “Are you trying to turn me into Spider-Man?”

Legends of Tomorrow Firestorm

The Marvel references wouldn’t end there and, in fact, they only increased considerably in the next few years. These jokes would often be used to highlight some obvious story similarities between the two universes, and another came in the 2017s. Crisis on Earth-X.

During the episode, Legends members Jax and Martin Stein search for a way to break up and thus end their joint alter ego of Firestorm. Stein tries to make sure Jax gains new powers that allow him to continue fighting with the team and designs a compound that will grant Jax spider powers. The problem is, instead of exciting abilities like spider sense or super strength, Jax is likely only getting the ability to “stick to things.”

4 “I was going to go with ‘Oracle’, but it’s taken”

In season 4 of Arrow, Felicity worked as full-time technical support for Oliver and the team and, until then, she didn’t have a unique codename like everyone else. During a mission, Oliver refers to Felicity as “Overwatch” while talking through his headphones.

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Confused, she asks for clarification and Oliver states that it was about time he had his own code name. She loves the new title and quickly states that her original idea was “Oracle” but that it was already in use. This was a great nod to the as yet unseen side of Batman from the Arrowverse and the character of Barbara Gordon.

3 “She really does look a bit like my cousin”

Superman Brandon Routh

Back to the annual crossovers and this great line was abandoned in the closing moments of the 2016s. Invasion!. This story saw the cast of all 4 main shows reuniting for the first time, and aside from the Flash himself, no one else had encountered Supergirl before. Brandon Routh, who played Superman in the 2006s Superman returns, joined the Legends series as Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, and enjoyed fun interactions with the rest of the cast.

By this point, the Arrowverse had featured many stars from previous DC adaptations, but the subject was rarely referenced. This time, Ray and Felicity would talk about their visual similarity to Kara after her win, prompting Ray’s fantastic line, “Yeah, you know what’s funny? She really does look a bit like my cousin.”

two “How can you be super speedy and still not be on time?

The flash and the green arrow CW

Even the first crossover had to deliver a good line and this was courtesy of Oliver trying to train Barry for an upcoming battle. Up to this point, Barry was still finding his footing as the Central City sprinter, and some of his superheroes were less than graceful.

This irritated Oliver, and he wanted to teach Barry to use his speed to detect potential dangers in an environment before rushing off. Barry disagreed and his first test ended in pain when he was caught off guard by hidden crossbows. The test didn’t start well either, Barry managed to be late for the meeting despite being the so-called fastest man in the world.

1 “Beebo wants hugs”

Legends of Tomorrow Beebo vs. Mallus

Legends Of Tomorrow offered its craziest moment in “The Good, The Bad And The Cuddly”. In the episode, the Legends fight the demon Mallus in the Wild West and discover that the way to defeat him is to create something equally deadly with the help of powerful totems.

With the totems, they channel their energies to create a being of light and goodness to face this deadly evil. The plan works and a powerful creature is formed to help our heroes: a giant blue teddy bear named Beebo. As the two fight, the team and spectators look on in awe and bewilderment. As Mallus tries to flee, Beebo leaps into the air and hugs the demon in his arms proclaiming “Beebo wants hugs” before smashing the villain to the ground in a huge blue heart-shaped cloud of happiness.

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