The 10 most fearless fighters in anime, ranked

For most anime characters, fear is part of daily life. Their universe creates chaos and they must do everything possible to avoid the dangers that come their way. This means accepting fear and doing the right thing anyway, looking death in the face to protect your loved ones.

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Then there are those who do not feel any fear at all. Some are immortal, freed from the consequences of death. Others are so overwhelmingly powerful that nothing could hurt them. And then there are the deadly, beatable characters who love the thrill of battle so much that fear is replaced by thrill. For these characters, fear is a strange concept.

10 When the sun rises highest, Escanor is at the top of all races

Escanor heroically stands as Melascula is engulfed in flames

Escanor is not always fearless in The seven capital sins. In fact, overnight, he might be the biggest coward in all of anime. However, his power increases with the height of the sun, and for a period of time during the day there is not a hint of fear in his body.

As Escanor grows in strength, so does his arrogance, and the Lion Sin Of Pride is ready to take on any opponent. He has defeated the likes of Zeldris, Estarossa, and Meliodas, backing up his claim to be the strongest. But when the sun sets and night returns, Escanor returns to its reserved state.

9 Vegeta only cares about surpassing Goku

Anime Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Bingo Dance Joy

The proud Saiyan prince loves to fight; it could be your favorite hobby. Since his first defeat at the hands of Goku, Vegeta has trained tirelessly to surpass his eternal rival in Dragon Ball. However, training cannot do much, it is in battle that the limits are really pushed.

The Saiyan Warrior has fought gods, androids, and entire armies, unfazed by great power. And occasionally Vegeta has surpassed Goku, all due to his bravery and willingness to fight any opponent. For Vegeta, the possibility of death also offers the possibility of greater power, something he cannot refuse.

8 Hidan’s immortality means there is little to fear

Hidan naruto

The majority Naruto villains are complex, possessing a sense of morality that has been distorted by personal suffering. This is not the case with Hidan. The Akatsuki member kills for no other reason than pleasure, although he does so in the name of his god, Jashin. Hidan is blessed with immortality: he cannot die no matter how bad the wound is.

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This somewhat explains his reckless battle style and personal philosophy. However, some might argue that when Shikamaru stood over Hidan and buried him alive, a look of fear could be seen for a brief moment.

7 Gon’s fearless approach helps him defeat stronger opponents

Gon decided

Gon is the main character of the popular Hunter X Hunter and an archetypal protagonist. His prodigious talent is driven by an impulsive and reckless personality that sometimes gets him into trouble. However, most of the time, Gon’s fearless attitude helps him in battle.

During his fight with Genthru, Gon willingly sacrificed his arm in order to defeat the strongest Hunter. Also, hell-bent on avenging Kite’s death, Gon fearlessly faced Neferpitou, a chimera ant whose very aura frightened Knov into retreat. Both fights ended in a victory for Gon despite his underdog status.

6 Bakugo is too angry to feel any other emotion

bakugo smiling from my hero academia

There may be no anime character more angry than My hero academia Bakugo. The hero-in-training is always on and eager to fight. He is an extremely talented rookie, displaying a combat competence few can match. Combine this with a fearless attitude and you are a tough opponent for virtually anyone.

However, unlike most on this list, Bakugo’s attitude doesn’t really reflect his ability. There are many heroes and villains stronger than the Bakugo and one of these days, their fearless demeanor could cause you to bite off more than you can chew.

5 Hisoka only values ​​the excitement of the fight

Hisoka Hunter Exam

Hisoka is a cold-blooded enigma, a man who is a mystery to all who know him. Any attempt to understand Hisoka’s motivations would surely drive anyone crazy. But based on what fans of Hunter X Hunter I’ve seen the sadistic clown, it’s safe to say Hisoka craves the thrill of the fight.

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He spends his time searching for the strongest opponents, leading him to join the Phantom Troupe in order to take on Chrollo. Confident in his own ability, Hisoka never seems to be afraid. Even after Master Kastro de Nen cut off his arm, his smile remained a permanent fixture. The man is really scary.

4 Captain Levi remains fearless against the Titans

Rumor has it that the walls were built to protect the Titans from Levi. Mankind’s strongest soldier is a force unlike any other in Attack on Titan. In a world dominated by Titan shapeshifters with impenetrable skin and raw raw power, Levi finds himself at the top of the hierarchy.

His speed and skill with a sword are unmatched and fans have witnessed the Scout defeat the Beast Titan (twice), the Female Titan, and countless other Titan forages. Every time he goes into battle, Levi shows very little outward emotion, just an occasional hint of rage. If Levi is afraid, he has yet to show it.

3 Goku’s love of fighting means that the battle excites him

Goku offers Vegeta a Potara pendant so they can merge in Dragon Ball Super

Goku’s love of fighting is well known among those inside and outside of the Dragon Ball world. There is nothing I would rather do than fight. His love of battle is encoded in his Saiyan DNA, and the lovable protagonist seeks out powerful opponents to put him to the test.

Although extraordinarily powerful, Goku has faced stronger opponents and lost. But this only made his desire for strength blossom and Goku returned to avenge his defeat. Also, the Saiyan has died and has come back to life, so it might be difficult to fear the consequences of a fight if you know that death is impermanent.

two Alucard is the one everyone fears

Alucard smiling

Alucard is the embodiment of evil, Hellsing’s bringer of death and destruction. The Vampire King is fear himself. Throughout his long life, Alucard has seen it all: wars, disease, and natural disasters. He has lived through them all and gathered countless souls along the way.

Possessing near-immortality, Alucard can bounce back from almost anything. Its immense power and long life mean that the vampire treats danger as rare but welcome. There is nothing for Alucard, not even death itself. In fact, she would welcome him with open arms.

1 Saitama is too strong to feel in danger

Saitama defeats another boy

How could one be afraid if he never really felt threatened? Such is life for Saitama: his strength is so overwhelming that all he feels is boredom. After going through a frankly not too difficult workout routine for 100 days, Saitama developed the power to absolutely defeat anyone in one fell swoop. At one point, he faced a planet-destroying alien who traveled to earth in search of a worthy opponent, and even this could not erase the blank expression from his face.

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