The Chantel Family – Chantel Wows With Stunning New Modeling Images

Chantel Jimeno is known for her stunning looks, which she showed off in a modeling session. However, some fans still don’t like his bad attitude.

While Chantel Jimeno, née Everett, awaits the premiere of The Chantel family season 3, the 90 day fiancé Star has been wowing in a recent modeling session. Chantel, who is known for her good looks and sour demeanor, has reliably made a living from her reality TV career. This has prompted the 30-year-old Atlanta native to venture into modeling and life as an influencer despite her original nursing career path.

Although Chantel insists that she is a working nurse, some fans have doubted her career. Pedro Jimeno’s wife has spent considerable time traveling in the last year even during the height of the pandemic. Her many tropical travels have made viewers wonder if she is still a nurse or if the reality star has chosen to adopt an influential lifestyle. While Chantel has been called upon for her travels, her younger sister Winter has earned accolades from The Chantel family viewers. Winter is considered by many to be the least troublesome member of the Everett and Jimeno families and has been applauded for her brilliant appearance in recent social media photos.

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Chantel was back front and center in a recent photoshoot that she posted to her story. The 30-year-old wowed with her professional hairstyle and makeup, which saw her look gorgeous after being called out for her altered image. Chanel wore a tight-fitting red dress for the modeling shoot that was originally shared by contains On Instagram. The Atlanta-based company bills itself as a photography and videography service that accepts reservations. While it seemed likely that Chantel reserved the modeling photo given this information, she has achieved a reliable following on social media. This has allowed you to benefit from paid partnerships and sponsored posts that can be the true source of your income.

Although the beautiful Chantel certainly looks like part of a model, fans of the franchise have criticized her for her bitter attitude. Chantel has notoriously clashed with her sister-in-law, Nicole, prompting her to hurl insults at him now iconic of the franchise. Additionally, Chantel and her parents have run seasons of drama that revolve around suspicious partners of family members. While Pedro was the first source of intense family suspicion, Chantel later teamed up with her dramatic mother to mistrust Angenette, her brother Royal’s Filipino partner. In general, viewers have expressed that Chantel and her family bring a messy and repetitive drama that never progresses. Many believe that the Potthast family in following in the footsteps of the Chantel family in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? as the chaotic clan is also supposedly looking for its own spinoff show.

Chantel is not the only one who receives criticism. The Atlanta beauty has seen many of her relatives and in-laws dragged along with her. In particular, Pedro’s younger sister Nicole has been attacked by viewers for her attitude. However, Chantel and her family continue to have loyal fans who are eager to witness more of their chaos and drama. While there is no confirmed date for the release of season 3 of The Chantel family, the content is believed to have finished wrapping. Therefore, many viewers are anticipating an early fall release date as they await official news about the upcoming season.

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