‘The Evil Dead’ returns to theaters for wonderful 40th anniversary screenings

The bad death will return to theaters for its 40th anniversary later this year, proving the staying power of Sam raimiThe micro-budgeting horror classic. Also, the always wonderful Bruce campbell will offer an exclusive introduction to the public. Limited special screenings will be brought to theaters everywhere by Fathom Events and Grindhouse Releasing, and Lionsgate Home Entertainment will release a collectible box of The bad death, Evil Dead II, and three seasons of Ash against dead evil.

The bad death spawned an amazing franchise that is still ongoing today, but in 1981 it was a micro-budgeted horror movie that gave us now-classic horror tropes like The Cabin in the Woods, reading Latin out loud to revive evil spirits as well as one of the most iconic heroes of all time – Campbell’s Ash. The original Evil Dead Follow Ash, his girlfriend, his sister, and their friends as they stay in a remote cabin for a weekend getaway. In the basement, they find the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (also known as The Book of the Dead) and unknowingly wake the dead when they read Latin aloud. What happens next is the perfect combination of camping, comedy and horror, as the inhabitants quickly become possessed and fight each other to the death.


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Co-founder of Grindhouse Releasing Bob murawski He said of the relaunch, “We are proud to present this special 40th anniversary screening of Evil Dead with Fathom Events. The original movie has always been my favorite in the series. It is truly one of the scariest and wildest horror movies of all time. I am delighted that a new generation of fans has the opportunity to experience it the way I did for the first time: on the big screen with a screaming audience! ”

The franchise isn’t over either, as Raimi and Campbell plan to reunite to Evil Dead Rise, the fourth film in the series. According to Campbell, production will begin this year in New Zealand and will actually feature a female heroine as the lead. Which unfortunately means we won’t see Ash again, nor will Raimi direct him, but they will both be executive producers on the film. Raimi handpicked The hole in the ground‘s Lee Cronin as writer / director, to be released by HBO Max in 2022.

While there was a soft reboot of the original movie in 2013, Evil Dead Rise it will follow the original trilogy and be one of the first films to bring the action to an urbanized area. The female leads will be two separate sisters who must reunite to survive another Deadite resurgence as they take over the city. VikingsAlyssa Sutherland Y Mental‘s Lily sullivan will play the two sisters.

The 40th anniversary screenings of The bad death It will premiere on Thursday, October 7 at 7:30 pm (local time). You can purchase tickets on Friday, August 13 at www.FathomEvents.com and at participating movie theaters.

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