The five weirdest events in Fallout 4

From Bethesda Fallout 4 follow the player who wakes up inside one of the series’ signature vaults after the nuclear apocalypse has swept the world. The player character, nicknamed the Sole Survivor due to his status as he is the only remaining resident in Vault 111, sets out to locate his lost son and uncover the truth behind his abduction.

Fallout 4 was thrown to a fairly divisive reception, but has still retained a sizable player base. However, to this day, many players have yet to see all that it has to offer. In true Bethesda fashion, the vast open world of Fallout 4 is full of weird and wonderful encounters and random events that can be triggered by wandering the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Some of these encounters are so extremely rare that some fans may not even realize they exist.

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Fake preston garvey

Fallout 4 - Preston Garvey copycat screenshot

Some of the first characters that you are likely to meet on the wasteland are Preston Garvey and the Minutemen. The Minutemen are a civilian militia made up of volunteers to help protect the people of the wasteland from the dangers that lurk within. Players will get particularly well acquainted with Preston throughout his adventure, making him even more jarring when an imposter appears.

The man claims to be Preston Garvey and asks the player for donations for the Minutemen revival. Players can inform the phony that they know the real Preston or that they are the General of the Minutemen if they have progressed enough in the story. When the impostor realizes that his disguise has been pierced, he will escape. Alternatively, players can give you the limits you request, although choosing this option seems completely pointless.

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Blanket Man

Fallout 4 Manta Man Screenshot

Part of the Hubris Comics lineup, Manta Man is a fictional character in the Fall universe. Or is it him? A neat parody of Aquaman from DC Comics, players may be lucky enough to encounter this fictional character in the game … or, at the very least, someone they think is Manta Man.

On very rare occasions, a scruffy settler in a helmet and goggles can be found fighting the deadly wildlife of the wasteland. The funny tramp seems to firmly believe that he is the fictional superhero and will address you as such. If the player is wearing the costume of The Silver Shroud, another Hubris Comics superhero, then Manta Man will have an even more unique dialogue with the player. Manta Man also has a Junk Jet in his possession, an incredibly rare weapon that can only be obtained elsewhere.

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Kat and Gus

A consistent form of random encounter in Fallout 4 Commonwealth is the traveling merchant. These providers come in many shapes and sizes, and some of them are quite amazing, even for Fall Serie. Perhaps the most memorable and rare of these street vendors is Kat and her bodyguard Sentrybot Gus.

Kat is a pretty jaded young woman in a bright yellow dress. When asked if she is alone, she will tell the player that she is not, while Gus watches over her. Most likely, the pair is a reference to the Bioshock franchise, in which mechanical creatures known as Big Daddies escort genetically altered children known as Little Sisters. If the player defeats Gus in combat, Kat will tell the player that she has lost her only friend and will refuse to talk any further.

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Mr. Gutsy’s curfew

Fallout 4: screenshot of Mr. Gutsy's curfew

A large number of robotic characters can be found in Fallout 4. Mr. Gutsy’s model is one of the most abundant in the Commonwealth, and they are not uncommon to see when roaming the moor. This particular Mr. Gutsy, however, is a unique variant. When he first encounters it, Mr. Gutsy will approach the player and start a conversation, claiming that there is a curfew and that the player must return home.

There are a few options available. Complying and leaving the area ends the encounter while he remains in the area and refuses to leave and the combat begins. If the player’s speaking ability is high enough, he can claim that he is in military affairs and bypass the robot. The most entertaining option requires a high Luck rating. Repeating repeatedly like parrots the phrase “Will you comply?” Back and forth, Mr. Gutsy ends up self-destructing on the spot.

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The Mystery Food Pasta (and Pink Ghouls!)

While wandering the wasteland, players can stumble upon a variety of raider corpses lying in the desert. By examining the bodies, you can draw an intervention card from one of them. The letter says that a mugger named Hank has become addicted to eating a strange food paste that the group obtained from the Suffolk school. Another corpse, Hank’s, can be looted for some pasta.

Players who want to investigate this strange pasta can travel to the Suffolk school. Before the war, the Suffolk school principal agreed to participate in an experimental food program in exchange for additional funding. Supposedly eating the strange pasta for prolonged periods led to a rosy complexion and an increase in antisocial behaviors. The school is full of unique wild ghouls that have turned pink after eating large amounts of food pasta for decades. If you choose to eat the pasta yourself, it gives you a bonus of +50 health and +1 stamina; Unlike NPCs, the player will not experience any negative side effects.

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