The Flash: What Jay Garrick’s Post-Crisis Return Means For The Future Of The Arrowverse

Jay Garrick is officially returning to the Arrowverse via The Flash, but what does this mean for the future of the franchise in a post-crisis era?

Jay Garrick finally returns to The flashBut what does his return mean for the future of the Arrowverse after Crisis on Infinite Earths? While John Wesley Shipp’s Earth-90 Flash sacrificed himself in the last major crossover, his time in the franchise was far from over. Although his version of Barry Allen is dead, Shipp also plays the Flash from the Golden Age, Jay Garrick. However, since his last appearance in The flash Season 6, his fate was unknown until news broke that Jay would be returning, but in a different Arrowverse series.

In order to Star Girl Season 2, Shipp will appear in the ninth episode which will retroactively establish that Jay is officially coming from Earth-2 instead of Earth-3. Before Jay does his Star Girl debut, Shipp will return to The flash for its 150th episode. While the trailer only showed Jay briefly taking on the Godspeed army, it’s safe to say that he will be a crucial player in helping Barry and the Flash Family defeat the speeding villain once and for all. As exciting as it is to see Jay return, there are a couple of critical questions the Arrowverse will need to address, especially after the crisis.

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While it is clear that this will be the same Jay that Team Flash had come to know from The flash Season 2, how much has your life changed after the crisis now that you are on Earth-2? The only confirmed information about your Star Girl episode is that he will be part of an important retrospective history of the Justice Society. However, it was not specified whether Jay is presently alive on Earth-2. Since it appears in The flash again, Jay is definitely not dead. That creates a different mystery because while Earth-Prime doesn’t know that the Multiverse still exists, it’s unclear if people on other Earths know.

Jay Garrick sets Stargirl Crossover post crisis

Since Jay travels from one Earth to another, The flash Episode 150 will need to establish why it hasn’t appeared before after Crisis on Infinite Earths. It would be especially weird if Jay had had all of his pre-crisis memories since Earth-2 was recreated, but he didn’t tell Team Flash that he and his wife Joan were still alive. Is there perhaps a JSA reason that prevented Jay from visiting Earth-Prime? While that’s a mystery in itself, Jay’s return raises another question for the future of the Arrowverse. Since they didn’t know that Oliver Queen recreated the Multiverse, will this be when they finally discover that Earth-Prime isn’t the only world out there?

Since the Arrowverse introduced the Multiverse via The flash, which has always been one of the strongest storytelling devices in the franchise. It is also inevitable that the heroes of the Arrowverse will, at some point, learn that there is still a Multiverse, after the Crisis. It would only be natural for The flash characters to be the first to learn about him since his show introduced him in 2015. As Jay meets with his allies in The flash, his return from the Arrowverse will hopefully address all of these mysteries before Star Girl season 2.

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