The Guardians of the Galaxy are the least popular heroes on Earth

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy # 15 reveals that Cosmic Protectors may not be as well known to Earthlings as fans would hope.

Warning: Contains major spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy # 15!

Despite saving Earth and the galaxy numerous times, the Guardians of the Galaxy He remains one of the most unknown teams of heroes on Earth. Guardians of the Galaxy # 15 reveals a sad truth: it doesn’t matter who the superhero space team defeated or where their heroes come from. Earth may know everything about the Avengers, but this team is not on its radar at all.

The current Guardians of the Galaxy roster includes Nova, Gamora, Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Quasar (Phyla-Vell, Avril Kincaid, and Wendell Vaughn), Groot, Super-Skrull, Moon Dragon, Marvel Boy, and Hercules, among others. others. Heroes come from across the galaxy, but many have connections to Earth. Currently, they are watching Ego, the living planet. The ego has covered itself with a black exterior, hiding any clues as to what may be going on underneath. Meanwhile, Star-Lord and Nova go on a separate diplomatic mission.

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Created by the team of Al Ewing, Juan Frigeri, Federico Blee and Vc Cory Petit, Guardians of the Galaxy # 15 sees Star-Lord and Nova on the SWORD space station as ambassadors. The two are greeted by Abigail Brand and Magneto, which immediately puts Nova on the offensive and sparks a fight between him and Magneto. Afterward, the two speak and Nova is shocked to find that Magneto actually knows about the Guardians of the Galaxy, as many Earthlings do not.

The Guardians of the Galaxy have faced threats like Thanos, Phalanx, and even helped fight during a previous Annihilation. While they fight intergalactic threats that normal Earth people might not have heard of, they have also been a part of superheroes’ major efforts to save Earth. However, they do not receive any recognition for it. This is particularly interesting since many members are Earthlings or individuals who grew up on Earth, as in the case of Star-Lord. Marvel Boy landed on Earth and, after a rocky start, joined the Young Avengers. Richard Rider, the current Nova, was born in New York and received the Nova powers. Hercules is one of the oldest and most legendary warriors on Earth and even his inclusion in the team hasn’t meant much to his popularity. While these heroes have stories specific to Earth, their contributions to the safety of the planet are largely unknown.

This is especially interesting since, as Magneto points out, they are basically the Avengers from space. The Avengers are one of the best-known teams on Earth, just like the X-Men. The Avengers have worked with the Guardians many times and even this partnership has not bolstered the team’s notoriety. The Guardians have also fought alongside some of the X-Men, but they are forming a larger society. While some of Earth’s inhabitants may go to great lengths to avoid information about mutants, their new home and global associations are hard to ignore, especially with a highly publicized event like the Hellfire Gala. The citizens of Earth are familiar with the heroes who operate around them on a daily basis, but less with the heroes who have taken their heroic endeavors outside the world. However, more frequent team partnerships, the recruitment of an infamous supervillain like Doctor Doom, and perhaps the next rising cosmic threat, can lead to the Guardians of the Galaxy gaining more followers. Today, despite all their hard work and sacrifices, they are the least popular superhero team on Earth.

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