The Legend of Zelda: Princess Zelda’s Powers, Explained

Princess Zelda frequently wields some amazing magical powers to fight Ganon throughout the Zelda series and here is why and how she obtained them.

Compared to Peach or Toadstool, Zelda is easily the most intimidating princess. She is capable of sealing the King of Evil in an alternate dimension for centuries, is an excellent marksman with a bow, and is capable of disguising herself as a ninja with magic. The titular character of The legend of Zelda The series has proven to be quite a capable adversary for those who oppose her despite the fact that she frequently finds herself being captured. However, the origin of her magic may have escaped players who have not yet played. The legend of the zelda sword to the sky.

Unlike the average story, The legend of Zelda The series takes place over thousands of years on multiple timelines. Because of this, most of the entries star a new Link, Zelda, and Ganon along with a new interpretation of Hyrule. In many ways, the general story is about conflicts across generations involving the same bloodlines. It’s a unique storyline that allows writers to add unique personalities and designs to these recurring characters without making their new appearances and characters seem disorienting or strange.

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Link, Zelda, and Ganon appear frequently throughout the timeline and each of their new counterparts brings similar tools or abilities to the table. Ganon is generally depicted with dark magic and the ability to transform into a boar-like beast, and Link is always skilled with the sword and has a varied arsenal to aid him. Zelda uses light magic capable of sealing Ganon in the holy realm. While it may seem that these abilities simply come from the three pieces of the Triforce, Sword to the sky offers an origin story of how Zelda got her signature powers, as well as where Link and Ganon came from.

The legend of the princess of Zelda is the goddess Hylia reincarnated as a mortal

Before the events of the first game on the timeline, Sword to the sky, the Goddess Hylia waged a war against Demise and her army of monsters who threatened to steal the Triforce. She protected the humans and Triforce by sending them skyward on a piece of land, and then used her powers to seal Demise in the Sealed Grounds. Hylia knew her seal would not last forever, so she created Fi and the Sword Goddess for her chosen hero and surrendered her powers to reincarnate as a mortal so that the Triforce could one day be used. Princess Zelda is the goddess Hylia reincarnated as a human and as a result, she is able to use those holy powers.

Sword to the sky It ends with Link defeating Demise, but explains that the spirit of the hero, the goddess, and Demise’s hatred will reincarnate infinitely for all eternity. This is why there are multiple incarnations of Link, Zelda, and Ganon fatally found in various parts of the timeline. In Zelda’s case specifically, her royal bloodline is also divine, so each subsequent Zelda princess inherits Hylia’s powers. For the moment Breath of the wild It happens, the royal family becomes very aware of how these powers work and the queen is responsible for teaching her successor how to control these powers. It’s a fascinating story that makes the dynamic between the princess, the hero, and the King of Evil even more compelling in The legend of Zelda franchise.

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