The new iPad mini will be available soon – here’s when you can expect it

When Apple holds its next hardware event this fall, a new iPad mini could be among all the announcements. Here’s a look at what has been revealed.

Apple It is expected to release a multitude of new hardware this fall. Along with the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, new MacBooks, and more, Apple is now reportedly introducing a redesigned iPad mini.

The iPad mini is one of the most peculiar entries in the iPad family. The original model was released in 2012 as a smaller, more accessible version of the regular iPad. It received annual updates for the next several years, and Apple released second-, third-, and fourth-generation models in 2013, 2014, and 2015, respectively. Then the iPad mini seemingly disappeared from Apple’s memory. Years and years passed without the miniature tablet being mentioned. In 2019, however, Apple resurrected the iPad mini with improved specs and Apple Pencil support. It wasn’t a dramatic leap for the series, but it did bring it back into the conversation after years of silence.

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More than two years after the last iPad mini made its debut, it appears that Apple is preparing to revitalize the line once again. As reported by 9to5Mac, the latest update of Mark Gurman Newsletter reveals that the sixth generation iPad mini “It should be an opportunity for a release this fall.” Not much has been said about a new iPad mini for this year, but considering the accuracy of Apple’s reports from Gurman in the past, there’s no reason to believe I’m wrong with this one.

What to expect from the next iPad mini

Apple iPad Air 4 Gray

What’s especially exciting about Gurman’s newsletter is how he describes this new iPad mini. Where the 2019 mini was just a spec boost from the previous design, Gurman says the 2021 model will have a similar design to the more recent iPad Air, with slimmer bezels, rounded corners, and likely a Touch ID sensor on the power button. In his own words, Gurman says it will be the iPad mini “biggest redesign in nine-year history” of the product.

Although the specifications for the new iPad mini are not mentioned in the report, some guesses can be made. For starters, Apple could use the A14 Bionic or the A15 Bionic which is expected to ship on the iPhone 13. The former would be a good cost saver for Apple and give the iPad mini identical performance to the iPad Air, while the second I would. give him an extra cushion of protection for the future. Other specs will likely include a 60Hz LED display, a 12MP rear camera, second-gen Apple Pencil support, and immediately available iOS 15. If Apple can deliver all of that for the same $ 399 starting price of the current iPad mini, it could be one of the most attractive products the company launches in 2021.

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