The Seven Deadly Sins: 10 Anime Characters Who Are Like Diane

The seven capital sins is an action shonen series whose star, the mighty Meliodas, is part of a seven-member team, the eponymous Seven Deadly Sins. This gang includes the cunning wizard Merlin, the proud warrior Escanor, and the charming giantess Diane. Fans soon learn that Diane has a huge heart to match her titanic size.

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Diane is somewhat unusual among the Megadozer giants because she always favors love and peace over honor and battle of warriors. She is not a coward, but she is reluctant to shed blood, and Diane would rather use her earth manipulation techniques and her giant hammer (Gideon) to defend her friends than destroy things. She may remind fans of a variety of similar anime characters who share one or more traits with the kind-hearted giantess.

10 Katara only uses waterbending to defend the innocent (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

airbender katara

Like Diane, Katara is a good-hearted fighter who can control one of the classical Greek elements, in this case, water instead of land. Katara is a loyal and protective member of her team in Avatar, the last airbender, in the same way that Diane will always rush to protect her fellow Sins, especially her good friend King.

Katara, like Diane, is always ready to use her magical abilities in combat without fear, but she doesn’t really enjoy battle and violence. Ideally, in Katara’s opinion, no one will ever have to fight, and powers like Bloodbending should only be used in extreme emergencies. Diane would agree.

9 Yasutora “Chad” Sado uses his strength to protect, not to attack (bleach)

bleach chad

Aside from not being able to control the earth beneath his feet, Ichigo’s good friend Chad Bleach is remarkably similar to Diane of the Deadly Sins. Chad is also quite a strong and burly guy, and he has learned not to abuse his natural strength and toughness.

Like Diane, Chad is more interested in protecting his friends and allies from harm than hurting other people, which is why he has come a long way since his days as a bully. Chad is a straightforward but forceful fighter, and he has a kind heart that stands in stark contrast to his size.

8 Mirajane Strauss wants to make peace, not war (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane Strauss is the oldest of the three Strauss and, as a true older sister, she is very protective of her family and friends, and derives very little pleasure from fighting. At the most, you will get satisfaction from defeating an enemy in order to protect a weaker ally from harm.

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That’s the same attitude Diane has about combat, and in peacetime, Mirajane loves to savor the little things in life, and she even serves drinks at the Fairy Tail guild and acts as a role model. This is similar to how Diane acts in the Boar Hat Tavern between battles.

7 Kohaku is a brave fighter and a loyal friend (Dr. Stone)

Dr. Stone’s Kohaku relies more on speed and agility than Diane, but otherwise the two girls are quite similar in spirit. Kohaku is always ready to fight to defend Ishigami Village or the Kingdom of Science, but unlike the thug Magma, she doesn’t identify as strongly with fighting and dominance.

Kohaku places more emphasis on friendship, trust and loyalty than on the honor of a warrior, and for her, combat is the means to protect the peace, not to conquer enemies. Diane feels that way too, and just like her, Kohaku has a wonderful and soft side, especially when it comes to Suika.

6 Maki Oze is tough but he’s also a huge fan of romance (Fire Force)

Maki Oze is a model firefighter soldier in Company 8, being a second generation pyrokinetic expert and a former soldier on top of that. She is ready to face any hellish cultist or dressed in white in Fire force, and she is a courageous and cooperative teammate in any battle. Fight for duty, not for glory.

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Like Diane, Maki takes battle seriously, but enjoys the peace and quiet much more. Without peace and happiness to defend, fighting is meaningless and, better yet, peace is a time when people can fall in love and have a fairytale ending. Maki loves to daydream about those things and sometimes Diane does too.

5 Jonathan Joestar fights for his heroic duty and will sacrifice anything for others (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jonathan Joestar is a bit more uptight than Diane, but other than that, they would agree on a lot of things, like the purpose of the match. Both characters are very durable and tough in combat, but they use that strength only to uphold justice and uphold peace, not to seek glory in conquest.

Both characters also have rich personal lives, with Diane falling in love with King and Jonathan Joestar giving their hearts to the lovely Erina Pendleton in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and giving his life to save his. Not even the most evil enemies can corrupt Jonathan or Diane.

4 Despite her clumsiness, Darkness is a hero like Diane (KonoSuba)

Konosuba darkness

It’s true that the crusade calling itself Darkness has some pretty wacky hobbies and interests, but unlike the sordid Kazuma Sato or the spoiled goddess Aqua, Darkness really does mean well and has her virtuous side. She and Diane would quickly become friends if they ever met.

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Like Diane, Darkness would rather fight to defend the innocent than seek glory, and her durable body and high-quality armor make her an effective shield for her allies, something Diane can appreciate. Darkness is also quite a cooperative and personable member of the group, at least for Konosuba rules.

3 Yuji Itadori has a good heart, even during mortal combat (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Yuji laughing in Jujutsu Kaisen

Many shonen protagonists are upbeat, upbeat people who are loyal to their friends, and that’s not a coincidence. Unlike antiheroes like Ichigo Kurosaki or Guts, Jujutsu Kaisen The optimistic Yuji Itadori is always in a good mood and loves to have fun and meet people. Diane is like that too.

Also like Diane, Yuji mainly fights to protect the innocent and defend his friends, like Junpei. When Junpei was killed by Mahito, Yuji was devastated and bitterly regretted not having the opportunity to save Junpei and give him a career as a fellow sorcerer. That is similar to how Diane would think in such a scenario.

two Alphonse Elric is kind and resists fighting (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

alphonse and panda from fullmetal alchemist

The caring Alphonse Elric would greatly attract other caring anime characters, and that includes the giantess Diane, who would see a lot of herself in him. Both characters are big and look a bit scary, but they have a kind heart that wouldn’t normally hurt a fly.

Alphonse and Diane would agree that fighting is only for self-defense, when negotiations have broken down or when their friends are threatened. Al can manipulate the earth through alchemy in Fullmetal Alchemist, which means that she can create barriers to protect her friends, just as Diane does with her earth control magic.

1 Koji Koda favors peace and has a gentle soul (My Hero Academia)

Although the animal-loving hero Koji Koda has largely been in the background of My hero academia So far, he’s still a character worth considering, and it soon became clear that he and the giantess Diane have a serious overlap. They both prefer peace and joy over violence, but they are not cowards.

Koji may be modest, but he’s determined to become a respectable hero, and he can use his Anivoice Quirk to summon birds, insects, squirrels, and more to confuse and overwhelm the enemy until his allies can finish the job. Both characters can fight, but they look forward much more to the peace that follows.

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