Titanfall only has “one or two people” working on it

Titanfall now only has “one or two” developers working on it, as Respawn Entertainment’s focus is on Apex Legends, a spin-off of Battle Royale.

It has been revealed that the Titan’s Fall games now have very few people working on them, with just “one or two“The developers at Respawn Entertainment are now delivering the FPS franchise. While players continue to wait for a third addition to the Titan’s Fall series, a Respawn staff member has confirmed that the majority of the studio staff are now engaged in Apex legends updates and improvements in the quality of life.

Respawn Entertainment’s Titan’s Fall is recognized by many as one of the best refined FPS series in gaming. Players have been begging for a new addition to the series for years, and while the Battle Royale spin-off Apex legends is widely regarded as a top-tier free multiplayer shooter, it hasn’t filled the void left by Titan’s Fall. The games take place in the same universe, but they are still very different in terms of gameplay. First Titan’s Fall Game originally released in 2014, offering standard on-foot FPS fare combined with visceral mechanical combat that was only improved with the second game in the series. Titanfall 2 is a game that is still very much adored, and speedrunning in Titanfall 2 remains incredibly popular despite the game’s release in 2016.

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While many players still enjoy the Titan’s Fall games, Respawn Entertainment is apparently favoring the development of Apex legendsaccording to Jason Garza, Respawn Community Director. As seen by MP1St, a video posted by Heron discussed the Titan’s Fall universe with fans, where he pointed out that although the community has not been completely “abandoned, “there is only”one or two“people who handle intellectual property, saying:

The Titanfall community is not forgotten or abandoned or anything like that. We’re still working on it, it’s just that we can’t telegraph our movements, and we only have one or two people because the rest, everyone else is in Apex. “

Garza gave some hope for the future of Titanfall, saying,All I can say is that we are working on [Titanfall], and that’s why I stopped talking about things like that. ”

Click here to watch Jason Garza’s video.

Have only a couple of developers maintaining the Titan’s Fall Games can be worrying news for some gamers. Weather Apex legends needs constant development to provide its seasonal updates and fresh content, Titanfall 2 he also needs some affection. Titanfall 2 recently skyrocketed in popularity on Steam thanks to content linked to Apex legends and a sale. The title saw a 750% increase in concurrent player count, demonstrating a thirst for the classic first-person shooter despite its age. Unfortunately, it appears that the large increase in player numbers has not encouraged EA and Respawn to divide their staff evenly. Titan’s Fall and the actual battle. It’s worth noting that as of this writing, neither company has responded to Garza’s comments.

The news is particularly worrying as several Titan’s Fall players have recently taken to Apex legends to raise awareness of piracy issues in Titan’s Fall. Players have reported seeing messages from hackers within Apex legends whose goal is to draw the attention of EA and Respawn to a growing piracy problem in Titan’s Fall. One of those messages he read, “Titanfall 1 is currently unplayable on PC due to hackers using exploits that prevent gamers from playing.. “If he Titan’s Fall Hacking can be solved quickly with such limited staff on the project that it remains to be seen.

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Titanfall 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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