Top Chef Amateurs EPs Zoe Jackson and Cat Sullivan reveal format of their new show

Fans will recognize the stellar chefs in the Top Chef spin-off. But Screen Rant found out about the new changes in this exclusive interview.

The newest one The best chef cleave, Top Chef Fans, It is inspired by the original show, but follows a different format. There are many familiar faces and challenges, but this is the first time that amateur chefs will compete. Fans of The best chef You’ll recognize the star chefs who are cooking and judging the fans, as well as selected challenges, but the new show works a little differently. Screen rant I got all the details in an exclusive interview.

After eighteen seasons of The best chef, fans know the show’s format well; the Quickfire challenge is the fast-paced round at the beginning of the show, and the elimination challenge is the high-stakes round that takes up the remainder of the episode. Contestants get an advantage if they win the Quickfire, but no one is eliminated based on their performance there. It all comes down to the aptly named elimination challenge, where one, or sometimes two chefs, are sent packing.

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Screen rant spoke with the executive producers of Top Chef Fans Zoe Jackson and Cat Sullivan for information on how the action will unfold in the new show. “We took two amateur chefs and matched them with two Top Chef alumni to cook with in old Top Chef challenges.” Zoe explained, “They present their dishes and are judged by Gail Simmons, our host, and two Top Chef alumni.” Fans and alumni will be different in each episode, and the judges will rotate as well. The episodes are also only 30 minutes long and some of the challenges have been adapted. “We really had to overcome the challenges and see what we could do in less time,” Zoe said.

Top Chef Fans it also has major changes in the narrative. Cat commented: “The show definitely has a much lighter tone than Top Chef can be at times. There are no eliminations.” “We get two new fans each time, so we don’t follow people’s character arcs over the course of many, many episodes.” Zoe added. The objective of this show is different; is to give fans the full The best chef experience, with funny and heartwarming moments along the way. “We wanted people to leave, win or lose, feeling that they had done something really special.” Zoe said. “This is the first time that fans, super fans and people who just love the property and the series have had the opportunity to show what they are passionate about.” Cat explained, “It has become a really fun extension of the classic and traditional Top Chef.”

There are many reasons for fans of The best chef to review Fans of the best chefs; to see that people like them would do it in The best chef challenges, your favorite star chefs returning to the kitchen. The series is a tribute to fans and the rich and tasty history of The best chef.

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Top Chef Fans airs Thursday nights on Bravo at 9PM EST.

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