Transformers 7 set photos reveal Autobot Mirage car shape

A new photo from the set of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts apparently reveals the Autobot Mirage classic car form disguised as a silver and blue Porsche.

A new set photo for Transformers 7, Subtitled The rise of the beasts, apparently reveals the Porsche car shape of the iconic Autobot Mirage. The latest installment in the live-action movie franchise of Hasbro’s iconic toy line will take the main influence from the Beast Wars storyline and will be set in 1994 when two humans from Brooklyn team up with Optimus Prime and the Autobots in the middle of an ancient conflict between the three factions of Transformers. Creed ii Director Steven Caple Jr. is directing the film from a script by Army of the dead co-writer Joby Harold and the future He shouted writer James Vanderbilt.

The cast of Transformers 7 will include Anthony Ramos, Dominique Fishback and Lauren Vélez as the humans at the heart of the story, as well as the return of Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus and Ron Perlman as Optimus Primal. The rise of the beasts was one of a series of projects announced to be in development at Paramount Pictures along with a potential Bumblebee Angel Manuel Soto’s sequel, animated prequel, and live-action film, whose location in the franchise timeline is unknown. With the cast and crew reunited and production underway on the seventh Transformers film, little by little new information about the project is being revealed.

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With just over a month into the film’s production, new photos from the set of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts they have been unveiled TFsource). Including a look at the scene of the metropolis of history, the photos also point towards the first look at the shape of the Mirage car as a silver and blue Porsche 964 RS. Check out the photos from the set below:

While the confirmation of Mirage’s appearance in the film was an intriguing item for fans, the change in the Autobot’s car shape is sure to be an even bigger surprise. In the original cartoon and toy line, Mirage hid as a 1979 Formula 1 F-1 Ligier JS11 racer, while Paramount Dark of the moon I saw him take on a red 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia and an alternate name of Dino. Although this could be attributed to a simple toy vehicle licensing issue, both licenses are generally sold separately to studios / manufacturers, so the decision to change the appearance from an F-1 to a Porsche is likely due to a city ​​already the 1990s. setting.

Whatever the case, the return of Mirage to Transformers: Rise of the Beasts it is interesting. With his fate left in the air after the events of Dark of the moon and his personality generally did not trust the Autobot cause, it would be interesting to see this further explored in the new movie, especially with the promise of the return of more G1 Transformers designs, it might even open the door for Frank Welker to return to express the character. . Only time will tell when the film will hit theaters next June.

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Fountain: TFsource

  • Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (2022)Release date: June 24, 2022

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