Ubisoft reportedly at ‘high’ risk of losing talent due to toxic culture

Ubisoft publishes documents that state that the publisher is at “high” risk of losing valuable talent after a year of allegations of harassment and abuse.

Reports directly from Ubisoft indicate that the company, despite being one of the largest publishers and developers in the gaming industry, anticipates a high risk of employee layoffs due to reports of a toxic culture. This mainly refers to allegations of harassment and abuse against some of the Ubisoft executives. This has been a fierce battle within the company for about a year now, and there are conflicting reports as to whether Ubisoft’s culture is actually improving.

Assassin’s creed Y Far away They’re just a couple of the high-profile franchises under Ubisoft’s post, and even though many of their franchises date back over a decade, they continue to make a splash in the industry. However, it is not easy to maintain and develop so many AAA titles on a consistent basis, especially when employees speak out against their workplaces. It was revealed last month that the next Far Cry 6 It has 10 Ubisoft studios working on it, and each studio has its own culture with employees who have expectations for those cultures.

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While it’s obvious that toxic work environments and disgruntled employees lead to bad publicity, Ubisoft seems to understand that their productivity is also at stake. On Sunday, Kotaku published an article detailing some of the risks that Ubisoft has recognized within the company, including the risks of losing some of its top-tier talents across multiple phases of production and hierarchical levels. “Incidence of inappropriate behavior by employees,”It is mentioned as one of the many reasons why Ubisoft is at risk of losing valuable employees. According to Kotaku, it doesn’t help that a huge Assassin’s creed project, codenamed “Assassin’s creed infinity, “It has been revealed,”along with a reorganization of the Ubisoft studios …

Assassin's Creed Infinity makes sense

UbisoftThe Universal Registration Document, an annual document published by the publisher detailing various points of interest related to the business, acts as Kotakufountain. In it, multiple subsections are dedicated to analyzing the risks of Ubisoft in the next year, and it seems that “Exit of key talents” Y “Inability to attract and retain talent.”Both are considered to have a high net criticality. The different talent risks have various causes according to Ubisoft, but they all refer to the company’s recently discovered toxicity. This includes layoffs and resignations due to “the movement to report toxic … and sexist behavior within Ubisoft teams …“And exits by”those who feel they no longer fit Ubisoft’s values ​​…

This, of course, is commercial language that refers to employees who have been victims of or are deeply disgruntled by abuse within Ubisoft. Even those who have not received this behavior may end up leaving the company due to what seems like inaction on the part of Ubisoft. Unfortunately, what is even more discouraging is that the gaming industry itself is undergoing a culture overhaul, bringing similar accusations to light in every corner of it.

Although, this does not mean that all is lost, as Ubisoft is trying to show in its latest documents. As dire as these accusations are, it is all aimed at revealing the ugly parts of the industry to the world and moving towards change. It is difficult to rectify the past, but the future can be made brighter. Ubisoft understands that a toxic culture does not serve anyone’s best interests, including those of the company, and valuable and talented employees will go elsewhere because of it. Whether actual outflows will be as high as supposedly the risk of them occurring this year has yet to be revealed, but regardless, Ubisoft he is well aware of the problems related to his culture.

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Sources: Kotaku, Ubisoft

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