Vikings: 9 Things Harald Did That Fans Just Can’t Leave Out

Content Warning: This article contains topics including sexual assault and violence.

Harald Halfdansson is an ambitious and infamous character in Vikings who appears in the last three seasons along with his younger brother, Halfdan. Although he initially appears as a possible ally of Ragnar and his sons, his ambition to unite Norway with him as king soon becomes apparent.

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Although Harald’s personality includes many things that fans may not immediately know, the facts that is it so acquaintances are more than enough to make him an unpleasant character. Some of the things he did throughout its history simply cannot be forgiven by most fans of the series. Even though he had some occasional good moments throughout the show, like selflessly trying to save Bjorn, he did some things fans just can’t put aside.

9 Sexually assaulted Frankian girls

Vikings - Harald

During Season 4, when Harald teams up with Ragnar to raid Paris in Frankia, Harald and his brother Halfdan raid a local farm where they not only murder everyone, but also sexually assault some of the women before killing them.

This is one of Harald’s most heinous acts, which, while presented more subtly than some of the others, definitely got a lot of fans disliked.

8 Brutally murdered the scouts

Vikings - Harald in Frankia

During their foray into Paris in season 4, Harald and his men manage to capture some scouts after the scouts lit their signal fires. But instead of killing them instantly, Harald decides to tie them to the fires and leave them there to burn alive while praising Odin.

As these were unnecessarily brutal deaths and aimed at mere scouts, many fans were horrified by Harald’s brutal decision, which showed some of his worst traits.

7 Supported the wrong causes

Vikings - Harald and Ivar

In his attempt to fulfill his ambition to become king, Harald often ended up supporting the wrong causes. First, he allies with the sons of Ragnar to form the Great Heather Army, and despite his victory, Harald gains nothing from these battles.

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Second, he helps Ivar in his attempt to retake Kattegat, only for Ivar to abandon him when he begins to lose the fight, while in the final, he dies fighting alongside Ivar, the one who previously abandoned him. Even if fans accepted that he successfully became King of Norway, his decisions in attempting to do so left many disappointed.

6 Conspired against Ragnar

Vikings - Harald and Ragnar

In one of Harald’s early scenes, he is instantly seen plotting against Ragnar, his current ally. As they sailed to Frankia together, Harald assigned Egil to take charge of Kattegat.

Despite Harald’s attempt failing, in the end, one of the first things fans learned about him is that he can never be trusted, something that became even more apparent throughout the show and that fans never did. put aside.

5 Rigged elections

At the beginning of season 6, elections are held to decide who will be the King of Norway. With a total of four candidates, including Harald and Bjorn, the two legitimate kings of Norway, and 17 eligible voters, Harald in a seemingly disinterested act votes for Bjorn.

However, Harald is elected king because he bribed many other earls to vote for him, so his vote for Bjorn was only a pretentious act that was far from Harald’s royal intentions. Not only faking his vote, but also manipulating the entire election was one of the things that made Harald dislike him the most, especially when he was unwilling to keep his promises to the people who voted for him.

4 He couldn’t live up to his ambition

Vikings - King Harald

One of Harald’s main ambitions throughout all of history, from the first moment he is introduced to the end, was to unite all of Norway and act as king.

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Although he fights for that goal throughout the series and does everything he can to achieve it, when he finally becomes King, he has no real plan of what to do. All of his planning revolved around how to become king, not what to do when he became one. Therefore, his ambition was only followed by the disappointment of those who believed in him due to his vague promises and actions.

3 Murdered Ellisif’s husband

Vikings - Harald and Ellisif

Harald mentions several times throughout the series that the only woman he really loved was Ellisif. However, Ellisif is already married to a Danish earl, which hurts Harald, especially since the earl is inferior to him.

However, what made fans dislike him, even more, is when he chose to simply murder Ellisif’s husband and try to persuade her to join him. Of course, this only backfired, as Ellisif tried to get revenge on Harald, only to end up being killed by his brother, Halfdan.

two Killed his brother

Vikings - Harald and Halfdan

During the second battle for the kingdom of Kattegat, Harald comes face to face with his brother, Halfdan. Despite the latter being constantly by Harald’s side and supporting him, even saving his life from Ellisif’s attempt to assassinate him, Harald does not hesitate in the slightest and kills Halfdan instantly.

Even though he told her, “I’ll see you in Valhalla,” simply killing his brother and ally wasn’t something most fans could endorse, to say the least.

1 He sexually assaulted Ingrid

Vikings - Harald and Ingrid

Harald’s most infamous action throughout the show was his decision in season 6 to sexually assault Ingrid, Bjorn’s last wife. Not only was it a despicable act in itself, but Ingrid was also married to Bjorn, her supposed ally.

This happens shortly after Harald rigged the election in his favor, thus taking not only the title of king from Bjorn, but also from his wife, thus displaying some of his worst traits. This combination of terrible decisions, especially the sexual assault, made fans very angry and disappointed with Harald, with some even wanting him to leave the series immediately.

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