Warzone Players Demand Cross-Play Changes

In response to the growing number of hackers in Call of Duty: Warzone, players are demanding that Activision make changes to their cross-play model.

In response to the increasing number of hackers in Call of Duty: War Zone, players are demanding that Activision implement changes to its cross-play model to save the in-game console community. Call of Duty: War ZoneThe cross-play system is different on PlayStation than on Xbox: On PlayStation, players can choose not to participate in cross-play, while Xbox players cannot. The next Obligations The game is slated for a release later this year, even though the COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly shook up the series’ regular development as it has many other facets of the gaming industry.

Obligations is one of the most popular franchises in video game history. Call of Duty: War Zone was the passage from the franchise to the free-to-play arena with a battle royale game that echoes that of Apex legends. Although it was originally a mode in the 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reboot, this now standalone game allows players to play in one of two main modes: Battle Royale or Plunder. Players can take on the modes alone or in teams of two, three or four. The most recent season of the game released last month and introduced new content, but there was a patch three days later that slightly changed the game in preparation for a bigger update this month.

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Cheats and hackers have become rampant in the battle royale, so to save the console experience, players are calling for cross-play to be disabled (via Right handed). In a rare united front, gamers on both consoles are demanding that Activision make some sort of change to the game soon to preserve the game’s console community. Recently, PlayStation has drawn attention for its exclusion from cross-play, this may be a solution for Call of Duty: War Zonehacker problem, at least temporarily. In a Reddit post, user Sec0nd posted “Obtaining an anti-cheat is apparently difficult, so at least enable some sort of console-only cross-play. Just as a temporary solution. The game is literally unplayable right now.“Other players expressed their agreement and support for this decision. Redditor magic tone saying “Even if it’s just something like a temporary resource, it would at least show some kind of consideration for the console community.. “

While most gamers agree that this is a good idea and a way to temporarily fix the problem, some PC gamers disagree that it is a good solution for two reasons. One reason is that lobby timeouts can be too long in general and the other reason is that it can kill lobbies in PC games. The problem is, if hackers and cheaters are the predominant problem, why wouldn’t Activision make a minimal change to protect at least part of its player base? It’s no wonder that gamers celebrate victories against hackers when they can get them, but it shouldn’t be something they have to do. Players uniformly agree that Activision should take action and Call of Duty: War Zone you need an anti-cheat.

It seems like PC and console gamers agree that it’s time for a change, and right now that may mean ditching crossover play. Although there is evidence that Activision may be planning to take action against deceptive software distributors, they can still work on your part to implement some kind of solution in Call of Duty: War Zone for your players, at least temporarily. A free game is great, but even being free is not attractive in situations like these.

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Call of Duty: War Zone is available on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC via Battle.net.

Fountain: Reddit (via Right handed)

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