What happened to Kid Loki at the end of episode 5?

Episode 5 of Loki saw Classic Loki’s sacrifice to help Loki and Sylvie defeat Alioth, but Kid Loki’s whereabouts are unknown. This is where it could go.

WARNING: Spoilers for Loki Episode 5, “Journey into Mystery”.

What happened to Kid Loki at the end of Loki Episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery?” After many tricks and mischief, Loki found himself pruned but surprisingly not dead. Instead, he landed in some sort of end-time dump realm, which is, as it turns out, where TVA sends out the variants that they pruned so they can’t do any more damage to the timeline. While there, he was greeted by the Council of Lokis, made up of Classic Loki, Boastful Loki, Alligator Loki, and Kid Loki, the apparent ruler of the kingdom.

The boastful Loki was cared for at first Loki episode 5 when he revealed that he had betrayed the other Lokis by teaming up with another variant, President Loki, to take the throne from Kid Loki. A massive fight broke out and Loki sneaked off with Classic Loki and Kid Loki, who was grabbing Alligator Loki. The classic Loki found its “glorious purpose” and emerged at the end of the episode in a blaze of glory, projecting an immensely powerful illusion of Asgard to trick the Alioth into distracting him long enough for Sylvie and Loki to get close. All that was left was a charred horned helmet, indicating that it had met its end, for now.

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Kid Loki’s whereabouts and what happened to him, however, are up in the air. He, along with Classic Loki, decided to stay in his kingdom when he was offered the opportunity to leave with Mobius. He gifted Loki with the flaming sword, Laevateinn, and then broke away. However, it is extremely likely that Kid Loki will reappear, if not in the Loki ending then surely somewhere in the MCU. Like all Lokis, he is a survivor, but it seems that he is perhaps a bit more of a survivor and more about his own preservation than some of the other Lokis, so he did not return to help in the fight against Alioth. After all, his Nexus Event was killing his brother, Thor, at a young age, and the other Lokis respected him as the ruler of the realm even though he was just a child. Being a Loki, he either went to the ground and is hiding us, or he sneaked back to his headquarters to see if any of the other usurping Lokis were left alive. Now that the Alioth has been defeated, and several of the other Lokis potentially dead, ruling his kingdom will be much easier.

Loki Episode 5 Kid Loki

Still, he it is just a kid, and now that his friends are gone, Kid Loki may find that ruling an empire out of nothing is not the glorious purpose he thought it would be. Classic Loki was older and wiser and had realized that bringing pain to the people to rule was not what he wanted for him. In “Journey into Mystery,” Kid Loki hasn’t gotten to that point yet and still wants a throne, which is why he stayed. But it is unknown what the kingdom will be like at the end of Loki episode 6 or even if the kingdom will still exist, who knows what will become of the Sacred Timeline and the multiverse? Kid Loki did not want to participate in the battle against Alioth, preferring to survive and remain in his kingdom, but he may not have that option anytime soon. At some point, viewers can expect him to leave that realm, mostly due to what Marvel has been setting up.

The pieces are clearly being put into place to assemble the Young Avengers, which a number of young heroes from the comic book team have been or will soon be introduced to in Phase 4 of the MCU. That includes Cassie Lang / Stature in the Ant Man movies, Billy Kaplan / Wiccan and Tommy Shepherd / Speed ​​in WandaVision, Eli Bradley / Patriot in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Kate Bishop / Hawkeye in the next Hawkeye, America Chávez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity, even Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel and Joaquin Torres / Falcon if the MCU changes the lineup. Kid Loki is an integral member of the Young Avengers in the comics, and that’s for sure where his future beyond lies. Lokieven if you don’t know it yet.

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