“What is your sign?” it is an almost ubiquitous question in the western world and it is not hard to see why. As well as being a useful organizing principle for guessing someone’s strongest character traits, it was also once regarded as real science. It was not until the adoption of the scientific method in the late 19th century that astrology was demoted to pseudoscience with no real relation to empirical science.

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These days, astrology has become a conversational icebreaker rather than a guiding principle for someone’s life, but it’s still a fun way to meet someone … or even to design a fictional character. Even for the most staunch non-believers, astrology has some basic utility in creative work and is a tactic creators can use when writing characters. Although many characters are not given the exact birthday, it is still possible to group them into one sign or another based on their strongest personality traits.

12 ARIES: Buttercup is passionate, competitive and tough (Powerpuff Girls)

powerpuff girls buttercup frowning and crossing arms

It should come as no surprise that the toughest fighter in the Powerpuff Girls the alignment qualifies as Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is known for being action-oriented, impetuous, and short-tempered. Aries is also known for being excitable and confident, using their daring nature to advance boldly even during the most terrifying moments. Buttercup’s bravery, impatience, and argumentative nature easily align her with Aries’s most notable traits.

eleven TAURUS: Ed is firm, deliberate and stubborn (Ed, Edd n Eddy)

Ed Edd Eddy Canada

Taurus are known for their forgiving and laid-back natures, which makes Ed de Ed edd and Eddy a suitable candidate for this zodiac sign. Ed is known to be patient and level-headed until pushed too far, in which case he can exhibit a stubborn and explosive temper. He is also quite enthusiastic and indulges in all kinds of junk food to the point of excess, traits he shares with the zodiac sign of Taurus. His simple and straightforward personality vibrates very well with the qualities of Taurus.

10 GEMINI: Beast Boy is adaptable, talkative and lively (Teen Titans)

beast boy teen titans

Although he is happy to play the clown, Beast Boy from the Teen Titans He is still a smart and curious character who needs to rely on his quick wits to effectively manage his super power. His propensity for comedy is often for the good of others, as he likes to make people laugh and does not like to be alone, much like the Gemini zodiac sign. As a Gemini, Beast Boy is flexible, open-minded, and willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, as evidenced when he trusted Terra despite his suspicious nature.

9 CANCER: Katara is protective, sensitive and emotional (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Avatar Katara Pirate's Silver

Maybe it’s because Avatar, the last airbenderKatara became Sokka’s surrogate mother after her tribe was attacked, but she grew up to have the maternal and occasionally suffocating traits that are typical of Cancer zodiacs. She is also quite resentful and has been shown to hold a grudge on at least one occasion, but as evidenced by Zuko, she is not against changing her mind once her sympathies are aroused. Her kind and caring personality easily aligns her with the astrological sign Cancer.

8 LEO: Kim Possible is proud, trustworthy and cheerful (Kim Possible)

A born leader, Kim PossibleThe titular hero has a positive outlook that easily fits Leos in the zodiac. She is assertive and confident, but can also suffer insecurities and pressure to fit in, a common contradiction that Leos have to deal with as well. However, Kim’s capable attitude leads her to accomplish great things throughout the series with an indomitable spirit that is the envy of those around her. She takes her job as a hero seriously and strives to protect others with the ferocity of a lion.

7 VIRGO: Double D is analytical, rational, and meticulous (Ed, Edd n Eddy)

double d of ed edd n eddy holding a sticky note from his mother

Edd from Ed edd and Eddy perfectly fits the description of Virgo with his fussy and nervous personality and strict adherence to rules and procedures. Like Virgo, Double D is also friendly and willing to cooperate with others as long as they do not compound his fault-finding nature, in which case he will promptly correct them with your best interests in mind. He is a skilled architect who forms the backbone of his group’s operations and they would be helpless without his diligence and foresight.

6 LIBRA: Aang is diplomatic, charming and discreet (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

8 aang makes a necklace

Aang’s penchant for peace, balance, and harmony aligns him perfectly with some of Libra’s most famous traits. He also has the Libra tendency to be indecisive and uncompromising, as evidenced when he initially flees from his responsibilities as an Avatar.

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But Aang’s sense of justice and fair judgment make him a perfect match for the Avatar’s responsibilities, a role that Libra could easily take on as well. Once Libras finally commit to a cause, they will act in a spirit of compromise and justice, just like Aang.

5 SCORPIO: Raven is reserved, disturbing and serious (Teen Titans)

In Raven’s defense, it is important for her to control her emotions well, as they can easily get out of control. This pairs her very well with Scorpio, as this zodiac sign is also prone to keeping her true feelings inside or risking emotional outbursts. Both Raven and astrological Scorpios also have suspicious and cautious natures that make it difficult for them to trust and open up. But once Scorpios are dedicated to something, they are steadfastly loyal and protective, a trait that Raven developed as she grew closer to her teammates.

4 SAGITTARIUS: Lazlo is optimistic, honest and restless (Camp Lazlo)

lazlo raj and clams from camp lazlo

Lazlo’s enthusiasm for adventure and excitement pairs him quite well with Sagittarius qualities. Like Sagittarius, Lazlo has a passion for exploration and the great outdoors that his camping buddies cannot match. He also has the helpful ability to turn a bad situation into a good one, something Sagittarius excels at as they always seek the best in every situation. Lazlo also reflects Sagittarius’ tactlessness, as both Lazlo and Sagittarius are prone to speak before thinking. However, Lazlo’s devotion to free thinking aligns very well with Sagittarians.

3 CAPRICORN: Nigel Uno is ambitious, disciplined and responsible (Code name: Kids Next Door)

Number 1

Also known as Numbuh 1, Nigel de Code Name: Kids Next Door He is the workaholic operative chief of Sector V and the leader of his team. Like Capricorn, Nigel is stern and goal-oriented with a strong sense of duty, and is fully dedicated to his role as a KND operative.

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Capricorns are also firmly dedicated to their work, which makes this zodiac sign a good choice. Nigel is practical and disciplined in his work, but still manages to have a good sense of humor despite everything, much like an astrological Capricorn.

two AQUARIUS: Dib Membrane is smart, stubborn and fanatic (Invader Zim)

invader zim dib membrane

As the son of Professor Membrane, Invader Zim’s Dib has a natural penchant for science and technology, traits that go quite well with the Aquarius astrological sign. He is a bright and talented boy for a 12 year old, which makes him easily stand out from his peers. Unfortunately, this leads to him being misunderstood frequently, and Dib suffers as a lonely rebel. Despite this, he begins the series with an idealistic determination to save humanity from Zim’s betrayal, marking him as a humanitarian, another attribute commonly associated with Aquarians.

1 PISCES: Bubbles is compassionate, kind and intuitive (Powerpuff Girls)

Bubbles Powerpuff Girls demonstrates great empathy that allows him to get along with almost anyone in Townsville. She is also the only one of her sisters who is comfortable sharing and being honest about her feelings, as she tends to feel sympathy for others unless they have thoroughly shown that they are rotten. On the other hand, she is also prone to being overly emotional and impressionable, traits that have led to her being misled on the show. But overall, Bubbles is a creative and generous girl who just wants to spread happiness.

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