The Kolskeggr Mine is a unique location within the world of Skyrim that can be beneficial for players to mine resources, if they can maintain it.

There are many unique and useful locations within The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s vast world of games. Mines are scattered throughout the region, each containing mineral deposits of different types for the player to mine and use in crafting or selling for profit. The Kolskeggr mine is the most notable in Skyrim, and all players should make sure to visit it.

The Kolskeggr mine is a short walk from Markath. Along the way, players can stop at the Left Hand Mine and get a short quest from Pavo Attius (or Gat gro-Shargakh). Pavo is the owner of the Kolskeggr mine, but has been evicted due to a Forsaken invasion. Upon reaching the Kolskeggr mine, the Forsaken will likely attack immediately, so players should be prepared.

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Inside the mine, a handful of Forsaken await the player. Killing them will complete the short quest and earn a gold reward from Turkey. The real prize, however, is the mine itself. The Kolskeggr Mine is the only gold mine in the entirety of Skyrim. Within the area, there are a total of seventeen ore veins, each of which will produce three pieces of gold ore and possibly one rare gemstone. The extraction of all the veins will provide a staggering fifty-one gold ore. Not only is Kolskeggr the only dedicated gold mine in the region, it also contains more than four times the number of gold ore veins as anywhere else in the game.

Gold ore is used primarily in blacksmithing to create expensive jewelry. As the player gains more experience in the blacksmithing skill by creating higher value items, this is an extremely effective way to improve it. Combining gold bars with gemstones will produce some of the highest value craftable items in the game. These pieces of jewelry can, of course, be sold at high prices in stores to obtain additional gold and also to increase the ability to speak.

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Each ore vein in Skyrim will respawn after a period of time, and the Kolskeggr ore deposits will respawn in thirty days of in-game time. When that time has passed, players should make sure to return to the mine and repeat the mining process. The repeatable nature of this method is what makes it stand out as a top method for leveling up and making money.

It should be noted that there is a strange bug associated with the mine that causes it to never show as “Clear” on the game map, even when all Forsaken have been killed and all deposits have been mined. While this has no effect on the respawn of ore veins, it does cause Forsaken to respawn within the mine along with the ore, making things a bit difficult for players when they go on return trips. The Forsaken reappearance also makes it very difficult for Pavo and Gat gro-Shargakh to stay alive inside the mine after returning to it (although this can be a benefit to players, depending on how often the two of them stay alive. get in the way during mining efforts).

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