Why Red Guardian Couldn’t Have Fought Captain America In The MCU Timeline

In Marvel’s Black Widow, Alexei Shostakov’s Red Guardian claims that he fought and surpassed Captain America, although his story doesn’t add up at all.

Warning! This publication contains Black widow spoilers.

At Marvel’s Black widow, Red guardian statements about the fight Captain America it has to be false. While the film saw Natasha Romanoff and her sister Yelena breaking up Alexei Shostakov’s red warden of a Soviet prison, he was seen beforehand bragging to his fellow inmates for having fought with his American counterpart, although his story clearly doesn’t add up according to the MCU timeline. . While there is a slim chance that he fought Steve Rogers at some point, the odds are much higher that Shostakov just wishes he and Cap had crossed paths.

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Just before Natasha and Yelena began their plan to get their “father” out of his Soviet prison, Alexei is seen fighting with his fellow inmates as he tells a rather far-fetched story about his battle with Captain America during his glory days. : “So, I have the nuclear code, but there it is. Captain America! Finally, the time for the Red Guardian has come. I grab his shield and, face to face, it’s a test of strength. The shield that he carries around like a precious baby blanket? I use it to my advantage. I take it, push it out the window, I run away. ”

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However, when Alexei shares that this happened in 1983 or 1984, he is called a liar due to the fact that Captain America was still frozen in ice from 1945 to 2011. Unless Red Guardian is much older than he appears and had his dates wrong, there is no way he fought Captain America. Also, even if he had fought Rogers in the 1940s before he was frozen, it wouldn’t make much sense seeing how the United States and the Soviet Union were allies during WWII. As such, the Red Guardian is much more likely to simply lie about taking on Captain America to raise his own status, having an obsession with wanting to be seen as Cap’s equal.

Captain America Red Guardian which super soldier is stronger

This becomes even more apparent after the escape when all Alexei wants to know about Natasha at first is if Rogers ever asked her about him, desperately hoping Captain America would see him as his Soviet contemporary. However, it is not difficult to blame him. Many of his opportunities to have an equally great legacy for his own country were taken from him after he was imprisoned for disparaging General Dreykov. As such, he has created this need to be seen as as big and shocking as Captain America himself.

All in all, Red Guardian was almost definitely lying about fighting Captain America simply to bolster his reputation and influence, though perhaps he could fight Sam Wilson’s Captain America in the future. Black widow It certainly created the opportunity for the Red Guardian to appear in future MCU projects now that Dreykov and Red Room are no more. Perhaps it could be a rival and / or ally of Wilson in the recently announced Captain america 4? While that’s just guesswork at this point, it seems like Red guardian you will have to work on building a real legacy, rather than relying on bogus stories about how to deal with the original Captain America.

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