Why Sam Wilson stopped being Captain America in the comics

Sam Wilson gave up his coveted role as Captain America in Marvel Comics after the backlash left him feeling the country had turned its back on him.

Marvel Comics’ Sam wilson may have reluctantly accepted the role of Captain America in an attempt to improve the world beyond superheroes, but the cruelty and cruelty that occurs in Sam’s own backyard led Wilson to return the title to his predecessor once again.

Harlem native Sam Wilson never particularly sought out Captain America’s nickname and his tenure with the shield comes to a head in writer Nick Spencer (The amazing Spider Man, The amazing Ant-Man) and the artist Daniel Acuña (Captain America, Black Panther) ‘s Sam wilson: Captain America # 21. Sam, who initially has his own personal doubts, finally moves forward and perseveres to honor his friend and original “Sentinel of Liberty” Steve Rogers, despite a great deal of outcry from American citizens. While Sam never wanted to take up the mantle, the former Captain America ally sees the larger-than-life opportunity as a way to inspire more than just battle supervillains and collaborate with other heroes. However, the deployment of a brutal police force known as Americops gradually lessens Sam’s growing optimism, with the young black hero Elvin Holiday also known as Rage being admitted to the hospital as a result of the actions of those who swore to protect the innocent. Elvin’s sudden hospitalization proves to be the last straw that pushes Sam out of his Captain America days.

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In a formal message left to former love interest Misty Knight that is later relayed to the entire world, Sam reveals that he has lost faith in the justice system during his time as Captain America. Sam does not stop to relate his experiences and what he has endured during his tenure as the Avenger of stars of the Earth. Like Marvel’s mutants, Sam is another minority superhero figure that society has turned its back on, and he feels he cannot afford to remain America’s symbol of freedom. Instead, Sam ditches the red, white, and blue in favor of his old Falcon outfit. It even acknowledges past cases in which America’s “true limit” turned its back on the United States in favor of its own strong beliefs and ideologies. Wilson was not particularly looking to follow in Steve Rogers’ footsteps verbatim, but to be his own Captain America with the intention of improving areas of his life that the world was not paying some attention to.

Sam Wilson's resignation

Throughout his entire career Sam wilson: Captain America, writer Nick Spencer put a realistic lens on the internal turmoil that would likely ensue as a result of an African-American superhero taking on the role of a beloved title that has been played primarily by a white figure for decades. The number 21, which is nearing the conclusion of Cap’s defining career for Spencer, acts as the tragic climax of the 24-issue series. Sam’s journey as Captain America would continue when Spencer’s follow-up Secret empire The crossover event reveals that Steve Rogers is an agent of the HYDRA terrorist organization.

While the entirety of the Spencers Sam wilson: Captain America The comic book series was written long before development began on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the comic lines up quite a bit with MCU Sam’s own reservations about taking on the prestigious role of Captain America. But those same insecurities and fears, ironically, become the push Sam needs to take over on the TV series, rather than quit. Although Sam just acquired the Captain America title in the MCU, it will be interesting to see exactly how Sam wilson He operates in his new role and will have the same waning optimism as his comic book counterpart.

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