Wii Sports and 9 more games designed to show control of a console

One of the reasons why video game They are such a versatile entertainment medium that they face the constant temptation to upgrade and adopt new forms of technology. The concept of video games as immersive experiences has been around since its debut, but each new generation of games strives for unprecedented features who sometimes try to completely review the way video games are played.

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Every time a new video game console is launched, indicates a shift to a new technology, but this is not always a smooth transition. It has become popular practice to release games that function specifically as proof of concepts for new controllers and styles of play. This can sometimes result in awkward titles, but there are also some phenomenal releases that go a long way to show off the ingenuity of the new controller hardware.

10 Wii Sports is an entertaining manual for the ways of the Wii Remote

Sports Tennis Nintendo Wii

Nintendo doesn’t always have the same processing power in its hardware as Sony and Microsoft, but they have earned a reputation for having less conventional ways of playing their games. Nintendo’s Wii was a breakthrough for the company, and Wii Sports It came pre-packaged with the console and acts as the perfect way to master the Wii Remote and its motion controls through a handful of simulated recreational activities. Wii Sports It has become one of Nintendo’s best-selling games by default, but it also represents an iconic moment in the video game industry.

9 Astro’s arcade is much more than just a showcase for the PlayStation 5’s DualSense

PlayStation 5 Astros DualSense Playroom Controller

The current generation of games has brought with it some very interesting advancements. It’s exciting to see how games move to previously impossible places, but also how previously awkward mechanics can be incorporated in subtle and revolutionary ways. The PlayStation 5 The DualSense controller is a remarkable piece of technology that features motion controls, touch sensitivity, a powerful microphone, and much more. Astro Game Room is a lighthearted platformer that showcases everything the DualSense controller can do, but it’s also really fun and a celebration of Sony’s impressive history in the video game industry.

8 Microsoft’s Kinect becomes a reality on Xbox 360’s Kinect Sports

Xbox 360 Kinect Sports Soccer

Nintendo helped pave the way for conventional motion controls in the video game industry. This idea can easily come up as a temporary gimmick, but Microsoft and Sony couldn’t help but join the trend with their respective Kinect and PlayStation Move controllers and software.

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Microsoft’s Kinect has a surprising number of titles, but it’s Kinect Sports which works as the great introduction to these motion controls. Microsoft has outperformed Kinect, but there is a decent amount of precision in Kinect Sports That at least highlights what’s possible in this niche corner of gaming.

7 Nintendo Land proves that the Wii U gamepad can be a real party

Wii U Nintendoland Miis

The Wii U is a bit of a bum for Nintendo, as it almost all Wii U exclusive games has been transferred to other consoles. Nintendo is trying to expand its gaming experimentation from the Wii with a console that uses a sensitive gamepad. Nintendo Land bundled with Wii U, it’s a full-on multiplayer party title that’s packed with familiar Nintendo faces. Nintendo Land It effectively shows the different ways the Wii U Gamepad can be used in games.

6 NiGHTS Into Dreams Revolutionary Platform Works Best With Saturn 3D Controller

Saturn NiGHTS in Dream Rings

Sega’s first-party hardware contributions contain what are still considered some of the most creative endeavors of its generations. The Sega Saturn ultimately paled in comparison to Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo 64, but NiGHTS in dreams It was developed as the AAA game to beat the competition. NiGHTS features dizzying visuals and precise controls that coincided with the release of an improved Saturn 3D controller in place of the previous model that looked like the Genesis controller. The Saturn 3D controller and its analog joystick were even packed together with NiGHTS as it was considered so essential to the experience.

5 The Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure introduces its new Ring-Con technology

Ring Fit Adventure Race Switch

Nintendo’s experimentation with motion controls has led them down some unexpected paths, one of which has been combine video games with physical activity. The Wii starts this trend with the Wii Fit and its Balance Board peripheral, but Nintendo has only gone further in this direction and the Switch Ring Fit Adventure it is its current evolution.

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Ring Fit Adventure turns exercise into an adventure game by using the hula hoop controller, the Ring-Con, which is extrapolated to Switch’s existing Joy-Con technology to make use of the player’s entire body.

4 Ape Escape made PlayStation’s DualShock controllers and analog sticks a necessity

PlayStation Ape Escape Dual Shock Instructions

One of the most iconic game controllers is the PlayStation DualShock model. The DualShock has stuck with Sony through multiple generations of games, and only until the launch of the PlayStation 5 have they changed direction. It’s easy to forget that the PlayStation originally launched with a much simpler controller that lacked vibration feedback and two analog sticks. The monkey escape is the first title to explicitly require the use of two analog sticks and helps set a precedent for a more complex and intuitive style of play on the PlayStation.

3 Wii Sports Resort shows how much motion controls have grown with Wii MotionPlus

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort Sword Fight

The Wii was a hit for Nintendo which is a console that they stuck with for a long time. During that period of time, they were able to push the console’s trademark motion control technology even further. Nintendo wanted to show more precise motion controls and this was achieved through the Wii MotionPlus accessory to the existing Wii Remote. It stands to reason that Nintendo packaged this along with the sequel to Wii Sports. Wii Sports Complex it has even more intense games to work with, including sword fighting, which becomes one of Wii MotionPlus’ greatest assets.

two Sonic Adventure makes the Dreamcast VMU a necessary component

Dreamcast Sonic Adventure 2 Chao VMU Transfer

The untimely death of Sega’s Dreamcast is one of the greatest tragedies in games, and it’s unfortunate that the ambitious console cannot compete with the PlayStation 2 and its DVD player. The Dreamcast games were revolutionary, but the console controller is still a unique rarity. Dreamcast memory cards, VMUs (Visual Memory Units), snap into controllers and provide supplemental information. However, the minigames would also be available to download and play. Sonic adventure Chao Garden allows the player to turn their creatures into a virtual pet that they can raise in the VMU and then use to earn achievements in the Dreamcast game.

1 1-2-Switch is designed to highlight the multiple uses of the Switch’s Joy-Cons

Video Games 1 2 Switch Milking Game Joy Cons

From Nintendo latest console, the Switch, has turned into a satisfying endeavor that still encompasses some of the changes the company’s hardware has embraced over the years, but also features new ideas that propel everything forward. The Joy-Cons are deceptively simple controllers for the Switch. It’s easy to dismiss these controllers, but the Switch launch title, 1-2-switch, shows how much can be achieved with this technology. 1-2-switch contains nearly 30 mini-games that make use of the Joy-Cons in different ways and help controllers feel like second nature.

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