X-Men: a recently resurrected mutant may be the key to saving Krakoa

The recent resurrection of a mutant leader may hold the key to saving Krakoa, even as every future says that mutant humanity is doomed to lose.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Cable # 11 by Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto & VC’s Joe Sabino, out now.

Since the start of construction in 2019 Powers of X # 6, by Jonathan Hickman, RB Silva and Pepe Larraz, it is well known that mutant humanity is always destined to lose. With this stark inevitability in mind, the fate of the mutant island nation Krakoa does not look very promising. However, Cable’s recent resurrection could hold the key to saving mutant humanity.

The first indications of this are in the pages of Cable # 11 where “Kid Cable” resurrects his older self. When the older wire returns, he shows some familiarity with Krakoa. Nathan Summers says it’s been a while since he’s been there. This is a good sign that Cable looks back on his younger years, spending time in Krakoa with his family. Additionally, Cable might recall the widespread rise and fall of Krakoa from his youth. As a time traveler, Cable has normally been aware of future events, so it is likely that he also knows the inevitable fate of Krakoa. It’s interesting that Cable, who has seen the future, made his way to Krakoa, considering its ban on precognitive mutants.

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Professor X, Magneto, and Moira X have agreed to ban precogs on Krakoa, so the rest of the nation will never know the dark truth: In all their past lives, Moira X has only seen mutants lose. Cable, however, could have lived through the rise and fall of Krakoa, giving him a lot of insight into everything that is about to happen. If Cable experienced the future of Krakoa, he might as well have the knowledge necessary to prevent its destruction. Unlike precognitive mutants, Cable has lived the future, rather than just imagining it. From this experience, Cable has dedicated much of his life to creating a better future for mutants.

Cable may know exactly what threats Krakoa will face, along with the details needed to stop them. As Cable potentially becomes part of the Krakoan society, it could work with governing bodies such as the Quiet Council to prevent future catastrophes. As things progress, Cable could alert the Krakoans to certain people, events, and decisions that could result in disaster.

There is still a problem in the current Cable series. Perhaps Kid Cable will return to his time, which means that he will not experience the possible downfall of Krakoa. As the series unfolds, it’s unclear how much Cable will know about Krakoa’s future. However, even if you don’t remember exactly what went wrong, Cable is still a great mutant leader. Nathan’s proactive style and militaristic leadership skills could go a long way.

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Fighting for the future is Cable’s most distinctive purpose, especially as a time traveler. This is a big reason that Cable formed the original X-Force in the first place. By turning the New Mutants into a paramilitary group, Cable taught them to proactively deal with threats to mutants. With this in mind, Cable would have a pretty good place on the current X-Force roster, using his knowledge of the future and his abilities as a soldier to save Krakoa from any impending disaster. Another great example of Cable looking into the future of mutants came in 2008. X Men # 207, by Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo. In this issue, Cable took baby Hope Summers into the future, raising the mutant messiah so he could return and save the rest of mutant humanity.

In 2012 Avengers vs. X-Men # 12, by Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, and Adam Kubert, Hope and the Scarlet Witch rekindled the mutant race, showing how Cable’s efforts to raise and protect Hope paid off. In this way, Cable indirectly saved the mutants from extinction. This is just one of several cases that Cable has worked to make a future better than yours. If Cable knows the fate of Krakoa, he will probably do what is best for the mutants and the timeline in general. Whatever happens, Cable is likely there to ensure the mutants’ survival over time.

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