X-Men: two classic Marvel characters set their sights on the mutant nation

In X-Men, a major Marvel villain and a longtime ally of many New York-based heroes are Marvel’s newest figures to target Marvel’s new mutant team.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Men # 1 by Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

The X-Men have been making ever bolder moves in the Marvel Universe, from building a surprising new base in the heart of Manhattan to finding the means to terraform Mars with just a handful of Omega-level mutants. His willingness to use his powers in such a way has also started to gain the attention of the Marvel Universe.

Enemies like Doctor Doom and even allies like the Avengers have been shown to grow increasingly wary of the actions taken by the mutants of Krakoa. Now, there are two specific Marvel characters who have taken a stand against the X-Men, each with their own way of bringing chaos into the future that the mutants hope to build for themselves.

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Following the public opening of the Treehouse and Connected Seneca Gardens, Cyclops makes sure to visit the public. One of the people who came to see the base is Ben Urich, the veteran reporter for the Daily Bugle. Urich, a frequent ally of the hero community, admits, both to Cyclops and in his Daily Bugle editorial on the X-Men, that he is genuinely impressed by Treehouse and what it means. But he also takes the opportunity to speak with Cyclops to bring up Jumbo Carnation. The world famous mutant fashion designer was one of countless mutants to have been resurrected on Krakoa after his untimely death. Resurrection remains a secret to most of the world, and for the most part, humanity has settled for accepting that mutants can avoid any wounds thrown at them.

However, Urich had extensively covered Jumbo’s death at the time, even taking special care to paint the mutant figure in a positive light. He had even examined Jumbo’s body and never received an official notice regarding Jumbo’s cause of death. This seems to linger still with Urich, who addresses Cyclops’ concern and asks if Jumbo had really been dead, and requests more details on how he has recovered and is moving.

Inadvertently, Urich is uncovering one of the biggest secrets about the current X-Men and their allies. You could end up playing a role in exposing Krakoa’s great secret to the rest of the world. Another persistent threat to the growth of Krakoa and mutant-aligned groups appears to be High Evolutionary.

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The powerful scientist stands among the crowd present at Gameworld, now led by the monstrous Cordyceps Jones. Exhausted with humanity, Jones promises his clientele a reward if someone there can destroy humanity, while saving Earth, which could then recolonize and become something else to their liking.

A particular close-up of the High Evolutionary indicates that it might have some ideas on how to achieve that goal, putting it in the direct sights of the X-Men. Considering that they have announced themselves as protectors of the Earth as a whole once again (and the first fight on the newly assembled list saw them defeat an attack by an alien working for Jones), it is likely that the Xs -Men have to deal with the next similar threat.

Even after gaining a host of new enemies since the formation of Krakoa, the X-Men’s changing circumstances and their power base continue to pit the heroes against new threats at all times. But now, they face not only physical but existential dangers that could expose the truth about their true potential.

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