The 16 new Big Brother guests have already survived the first week inside the house. They do not know that their followers on Instagram are growing.

The premiere of Older brother 23 It aired last week and fans have learned a lot about the new guests, many of whom are attracting Instagram followers. This year’s contestants have already started to gain a huge following on social media due to their presence on the show. In previous seasons, the same thing happened to the competitors. At the end of each season, almost all of the players have more following than they did when they went to kidnap for the show.

Before joining the cast, some of the 16 new guests already had a large following. Other players had a medium number of followers, while some had quite small followers. Two of the players, Sarah Steagall and Tiffany Mitchell, don’t even have Instagram pages of their own. These two reality stars are more than likely to create social media accounts after their time indoors, especially in light of how much fans like them.

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Once it was announced that Christie Valdiserri was removed from the BB23 Cast due to testing positive for COVID-19, Whitney Williams took the lead in terms of having the most followers on Instagram before entering the game. According to the Instagram account @realitytvdata, Whitney had 15,153 followers before closing out of the real world. Although she still has the largest number of followers among the cast, Whitney did not gain the most followers during the first week of the show. While Whitney gained 2,815 followers, Alyssa Lopez takes the win for having the most growth on Instagram in the first week of being the center of attention. Alyssa, a native of Sarasota, Florida, went from having 12,837 followers to 16,764 followers. Unfortunately, there is a chance that Alyssa will be sent home this week.

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Derek Xiao also surpassed Whitney for the number of Instagram followers gained. Derek’s followers grew by 3,632, leaving him with 5,019 followers. Just below Whitney is Brent Champagne, growing 2,203. Derek Fraiser, Kyland Young, and Xavier Prather earned just over 2,000 followers on their personal accounts. The rest of the cast, aside from Hannah Chaddha, all had subsequent growths between 1,000 and 2,000. Britini D’Angelo gained 1,811 followers. Christian Birkenberger’s number of followers grew by 1,756. Travis Long received 1,636 new fans, while 1,334 people followed the show’s last-minute addition, Claire Rehfuss, in the first week. Azah Awasum has gained 1,218 followers. Brandon “French” Frenchie went from having 565 followers to having 1,664. followers.

The Older brother 23 The guest who has gained the fewest followers since the premiere last week is Hannah. Hannah’s Instagram account only grew by 862 followers; however, she doesn’t have the least number of followers among the cast. The longer each contestant stays indoors this summer, the more likely their social media accounts are to grow, especially if they become fan favorites. Fortunately for the cast, these peaks of social media followers will benefit them after the season draws to a close in September.

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Older brother 23 airs Wednesday at 8 pm EST on CBS.

Fountain: Realitytvdata

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