The DCEU will introduce the DC Comics Intergang team via Black adam, an organization that has notable ties to Darkseid. After several years of development, Dwayne Johnson finally joins the DC Universe as Shazam’s iconic nemesis, Black Adam. While Teth-Adam is traditionally a supervillain in the comics, the next DCEU movie will explore him as an antihero. Black adam It will be an origin story that shows your journey to obtain your powers and become a Kahndaq fighter. While Johnson’s role beyond Black adam is unknown, it feels safe to say that his character will be big business in the future in the DCEU.

Although Black Adam comes to life on the big screen is already an important moment for the DCEU, the Justice Society of America will also get a cinematic treatment. While Johnson’s titular hero will be an antihero rather than an outright villain, that doesn’t mean traditional superheroes won’t have a problem with him, as the movie will have Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone on the way. after him. However, Black adam it’s also set up to include another DC family group: Intergang. Although the villainous organization may not be as large as the Justice Society of America, Intergang is an important group to be aware of, as they have significant ties to Darkseid.

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While Darkseid himself is not part of Black adamIt’s definitely intriguing for the DCEU to bring the group from the panel to the screen. Intergang has appeared in many previous DC animated projects, while it has been represented in a handful of live-action properties. Black adam It will be the first time a DC movie has featured Intergang in such a large capacity. What is Intergang, their connection to Darkseid, and what role will they play in Black adam?

What is Intergang? Explanation of the origins and powers of DC Comics


DC Comics first introduced Intergang in October 1970 through Superman’s friend Jimmy Olsen # 133. Like most things in the DC Universe, Intergang has been reconfigured and reinvented multiple times throughout history. The original Intergang was founded by Moxie Mannheim, a gangster boss who was eventually killed by his enemies. After Moxie’s death, his son Bruno Mannheim took over the crime syndicate. Despite having ties to Darkseid and Apokolips, Intergang is strongly connected to many Superman stories, given that they were based in Metropolis.

After Crisis on Infinite Earths, Intergang’s story changed as Morgan Edge was their leader instead of Bruno, although he would take the reins later on. Besides Bruno and Morgan, Intergang has had other villainous members like Lex Luthor, Thaddeus Killgrave, Tobias Whale, Toyman, and many more. While some members have powers, the majority of Intergang feature largely normal humans. Even though Intergang consists mostly of human crime lords, this is where Darkseid and Apokolips enter the scene in terms of their “powers”.

Intergang’s connection with Darkseid and Apokolips

DC Comics Intergang

In the pre-crisis era, when Bruno replaced Intergang, it was revealed that they were working for Darkseid. The New God was providing them with Apokoliptian weapons to help Darkseid locate the Anti-Life Equation. After the crisis on Infinite Earths, it turned out that DeSaad, not Darkseid, was his Apokolips partner. By getting updates from Apokolips, Intergang became more than just your average crime ring.

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Thanks to the New Gods, Intergang possessed alien weapons that allowed them to take on people with superpowers. In addition to getting very advanced weapons, Intergang also had Apokolips technology that allowed them to be transported more easily to other places. Even when Intergang does not have its metahuman members, they are still a very dangerous group in the DC Universe.

Intergang’s role in Black Adam & The DCEU

Highlights of Black Adam Intergang

Since most of the plot details have been under wraps for Black adamIt was definitely a surprise when actress Sarah Shahi revealed that Intergang is involved in the story. Shahi, who plays Adrianna Tomaz, also known as Isis, described Intergang as a “evil, malicious group”, and will lead a resistance force against them as a freedom fighter. The fact that Black Adam includes Adrianna and Intergang makes sense, given that there is actually a comic arc that everyone is involved in.

In the 52 In the story, Intregang came to Kahndaq and offered Adrianna to Black Adam as a tribute. They tried to obtain the blessings of Black Adam and obtain immunity while committing criminal activities in Kahndaq. However, Black Adam strenuously rejected his proposal and assassinated the two members while rescuing Adrianna in the process. While they are probably not doing the exact story as they did in 52, this gives a precedent for Black adam having Adrianna and Intergang in the same movie. It is unclear which members of the comics will appear and if they will have their connection to Darkseid / Apokolips.

Since By Zack Snyder League of Justice is out of DCEU canon, Darkseid has technically only been mentioned in the theatrical cut from 2017. However, due to Black adam taking place years before the current DCEU, this becomes a way of incorporating Darkseid into its story. Although this would mean that Intergang existed long before Superman was born, there is no reason why a new version of the group could not live in the present of the DCEU. Perhaps the reason Intergang is targeting Kahndaq is because they believe the Anti-Life Equation exists there. That would be one of the reasons in the story to put them at odds with Adrianna and Black Adam.

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Even though the Justice Society of America comes after Black Adam, it wouldn’t be a stretch if Intergang is the DCEU movie’s big bad general. If Intergang has Apokolips weapons, it would explain why they could take on someone as powerful as Black Adam. Perhaps Marwan Kenzari is playing a member of Intergang, as he is reported to be playing a villain. It is still intriguing that Intergang would get this kind of role in a movie like Black adam. Hopefully like Black adam begins their marketing campaign, more answers will be given about the DCEU’s Intergang and whether or not they will have their canonical ties to Darkseid and Apokolips.

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