Season 4 of NBC’s Good Girls just put the Rio cartel into further disarray as it conducts a reckless kidnapping, starting a nasty civil war.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for NBC’s Good Girls Season 4 episode 12, “Family First.”

Little by little, NBC Well Girls transforms the usually slick and smooth Rio (Manny Montana) into a hasty crime lord who’s making mistakes. A lot of this comes from trusting Beth (Christina Hendricks) too much, which does come from a romantic past, but it also has to do with Rio feeling pressure from others involved in the business. Sadly, he makes a bad kidnapping decision and is causing a terrible civil war.

Rio’s annoying Beth lost much of her fake Canadian money, so she makes it clear that she will return it as soon as possible, but secretly has some insurance. When Ben visits his aunt, he tells Beth that Annie hasn’t been home, and it’s all because Rio came by earlier and bullied her.

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He kidnaps her, forcing her to go to Mick against her will. It’s torture at first, as Mick keeps Annie in a freezer, gives her snacks, and hints that this is where her corpse will end up. Annie tries to sneak out, but the supermarket is part of Rio’s crime chain, so she’s seeing firsthand how much influence he has.

Finally, after watching Mick inflict violence on people who cross them, he leaves Annie home safe and sound. It’s all bullying, so much so, when Annie got the chance to run away or turn him into a cop, she’s too scared to pretend they’re lovers. While all of this was going on, Beth crashed into Nick’s office, demanding that he get her sister back.

This is a big problem because the councilman, as much as he rescues Rio and has a silent interest in the business, does not want anyone to make a scene at work and in front of clients. He’s in love with Beth, but he’s angry that she almost exposed him.

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He eventually has a one-on-one basketball game with Rio, but berates him for being careless. He doesn’t care about Rio’s recriminations, the uncompromising Rio is making Beth excited, and he’s leaking to the point where he could unravel the operation. However, Rio ignores him, escalating their rivalry until an angry Nick runs off with the ball.

It is your way of warning your family member that things are about to get worse. It seems that Rio wants this, not just to get back at Nick for beating him up, but because he still wants Beth. It’s a tense showdown and a clear chess game to see who will be the next reckless. The poster is cracking, leaving fans eager to know if Nick will sell Rio downstream to authorities, kill him, or turn on Beth.

Good Girls stars Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, Retta, Matthew Lillard, Reno Wilson, and Manny Montana. Season 4 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET / PT on NBC.

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