Award-winning singer-songwriter Halsey recently announced their fourth album titled If I can’t have love, I want to be able, produced by Trent reznor Y Atticus ross, which will be released on August 27 from Capitol Records. A one-hour “movie experience”, set to music from the upcoming album, will also accompany the release of the artist’s latest project and will premiere exclusively on IMAX for one night only. The film is written by Halsey and directed by Colin Tilley, who has partnered with the singer-songwriter in the past to direct other music videos, such as Without me Y You should be sad. Tickets are expected to go on sale starting Tuesday, August 3.

According to the press release, “the album is a concept album about the joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth.” In the trailer for her new film, which is set to an unreleased song, it appears that the audience will follow Halsey throughout her journey through pregnancy in a Victorian-era setting. Halsey, known for her creativity and innovation, founded a makeup line called change of actitud, and can be seen in a variety of different makeup styles throughout the trailer.


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The trailer itself seems to be filled with many dark and tense moments, and the song that plays below them reiterates the lines “it’s not a happy ending” and “this is all temporary” multiple times. Halsey is no stranger to creating music videos that feel intense and capture raw moments of emotion, from Graveyard to ColorsShe has certainly set a standard for herself, as well as her fans, on what to expect from her music videos.

It is important to note that the trailer opens with “WARNING: The trailer below contains scenes of a graphic nature that some viewers may find disturbing. Intended for mature audiences only.” Therefore, fans should be prepared for the film to be rated R or at least PG-13 when it makes its cinematic debut.

If I can’t have love, I want to be able will be released by Capitol Records on August 27. Tickets will go on sale August 3 for IMAX screenings of the linked movie experience. The list of theaters and cities is expected to be published soon. Check out the trailer below:

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