In Justice League Dark, a classic character from Jack Kirby’s Etrigan the Demon stories is back and more powerful than ever.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for “The Eternal Knight: Part II” in Justice League # 65 by Ram V, Sumit Kumar, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Rob Leigh, out now.

The mystery of what Merlin seeks has almost been unraveled in the pages of League of JusticeEndorsement of Justice League Dark. Batman and Elnara have located the mysterious guide who helps Elnara through the modern world, Randhir Singh.

While that specific name may be unknown, Singh is a remake of a classic Jack Kirby character that has been reinvented for the Infinite Frontier era. Randhir Singh is an updated version of Randu Singh, a character with powerful psionic abilities and deep ties to Jason Blood and the demon Etrigan. Now that knowledge may be what connects Randhir to Merlin, as he claims to be the only one who knows what the fallen wizard is looking for.

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Little is known about Randhir Singh. But what is clear is that he is a powerful psychic, capable of speaking to Elnara across great distances to aid her on her journey through the modern world. But this became even more impressive when it was revealed that Randhir’s mind was under constant attack the entire time they were talking.

Having been captured by the Ambrosius Brothers, a secret organization working with Merlin, Randhir was imprisoned within his own mind. As Batman explained, Randhir’s mind was fractured by a spell, creating multiple imaginary worlds for him to inhabit. Basically you have multiple dreams at the same time and you can’t stop.

However, he was powerful enough to protect the part of himself that could discern dreams from reality. It was this part of him that reached out to Elnara, the part that was the foundation of all that Randhir was. And it was the part that Elnara plunged into the dream world to rescue. As Randhir explained, he was imprisoned because he knew the truth of Merlin’s actions.

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While there will undoubtedly be more of Randhir Singh revealed in the future, the original Randu Singh first debuted in 1972. The demon # 1 by Jack Kirby. He was the United Nations delegate for India and a powerful psychic in his own right. In fact, Randu became the first person to learn that Jason Blood could transform into Etrigan and, from that moment, became his staunch ally. Randu also had his own awesome powers. He could use his psychic mastery to force Jason to transform into Etrigan and then return.

If something has been translated from this character, it is that both are clearly very powerful psychics. Although Randu and Randhir seem so far to be benevolent with their powers, they are both clearly very powerful psychics. They understand that mental intrusion should only be used as an absolute necessity and that it does not entitle them to make their way into someone else’s mind.

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But their connection between them still leaves some lingering questions about how Randhir is connected to Merlin. But with understanding its origins some interesting theories emerge.

It is established that Randhir has some sort of knowledge of Merlin, perhaps even more so considering that he knows the names Merlin was used by in the past. If his friendship with Jason Blood and Etrigan has also remained in this new imagination, then perhaps Randhir was curious about the origins of his very demonic friend and got caught up in Merlin’s plans, becoming a threat to his ability to discern the truth and connect. those who could fight it. However, what is clear is that Randhir is a powerful ally with a key role in stopping Merlin before any plan he has concocted comes to fruition.

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