Facebook has announced a new security check feature for Instagram to help users re-protect their account after the possibility of a hack.

Facebook has introduced a new Instagram feature to assist users with accounts that may have been compromised. To keep their accounts safe, Instagram users already have the option to enable two-factor authentication, which can be configured in just a few steps. While Instagram has changed recently, with a marked shift from photo sharing to focusing on other areas, including video and shopping, the social media app remains dedicated to protecting users’ accounts and information.

Instagram users were recently exposed to a text scam which lured them to click on a link to regain access to their account, but actually ended up putting their account at risk. In April of this year, a Facebook data hack It was also found to be putting even CEO Mark Zukerburg at risk. However, these problems are not only related to Facebook and Instagram. Last year, Twitter had to deal with a massive Bitcoin scam attack, in which some users had your private messages accessed. Amazon also faced a scam involving fake reviews, which exposed some Amazon vendors for allegedly buying five-star product reviews for paying the so-called “reviewer” through applications such as PayPal.

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Today, Facebook Announced Security control, targeting users whose connected email address or phone number has recently changed, which may be the result of an attack rather than their own actions. For example, the Security Check feature will guide users through reviewing the profile information, confirming the mobile phone number or Facebook account attached to the Instagram profile, and ensuring that the retrieval information from the account is up to date. Once the user has completed the Security Verification, their account will be much more secure and probably better protected against possible future attacks.

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Other ways to stay safe online

security check in insta

Instagram will never send users a DM, so any direct message claiming to be from Instagram is probably not trustworthy. Users are also encouraged to report accounts that seem strange or suspicious to them by tapping the three-dot menu in the top right corner of the post and pressing the red “button.Report“button. Users can also enable”Login request “ to be notified when someone tries to log into the account from a different device or browser.

Of course, staying safe elsewhere online is also important. Facebook users now have the option to use a physical security key in addition to enabling 2FA. Similarly, Twitter users were recently offered the option to use a physical security key as the only form of 2FA, which is a great option for those They don’t want to share their phone number with Twitter. It’s also quick and easy to set up two-factor authentication on a Google account, including adding a phone number like a backup security measure. With scams and attacks so common today, it’s important to stay safe online. Fortunately, social media apps like Instagram routinely add features to make the experience more secure.

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